METHOD: Love, the Opposing Force

We have no control over our heart. When it decides to give itself up to someone, it dives in fully, head first, without your approval or permission whether you like it or no. The possibility of being happily in love exists but more often than not love can be a brutal process that leaves your mind warped and your soul dismantled.

METHOD: Love Analysis

Method acting training submerges in the subconscious mind finding the information necessary to create a character. Drawing true emotion from past experiences, feelings and senses to convey truth.

Nikon European Film Festival

Once Upon a Time

“Once Upon a Time: The ridicule of Fear” a piece from “Forgotten Paradise”adapted European  Visit us here Davide & Gabriel …

METHOD Short Film

In Working Progress Two Actors working on a film take dangerously, to the extreme, their character building while preparing for…