2014 Adepts in the art of Wishing….

Happy New Year 2014

May you be blessed with the fruit of the spirit, Joy…

Pure joy drives desire and impulses manifestation.
Whatever you wish for with love and joy its yours.
Joy is a state of mind, an orientation of the heart..

Magic joy is the springboard between our desires and us.
“Become young adepts of the art of wishing, the use of power of love is eminent, by mastering the constancy of life force we become one with all and everything is thus possible.
The knowledge of that peace and joy walk hand in hand enhances the trust in our hearts.
A settled assurance of a higher control in everything and for anything which is working in our favour is fervently imperative. A quiet confidence in the truth that we profess, the determined choice to be raptured in joyful delight simply smiling, smiling bright and wide.

i love you

Sylvia Love


May this year be the year that brings you the most happiness, love and true fulfilment. May your angels guide your heart at all times. May God fully manifest in every step you take along your journey. May you be filled with inspiration with love and with light.



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