Sylvia Love JOhnson

What’s your dream for Humanity?

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“I believe that within each and everyone of us lies the power to make the world a better place for all”

Sylvia Love Johnson 

Once upon a time, there were five princesses, five daughters of the Earth. These princesses were the keepers of the dreams of humanity. Their mission was to awaken a vision that was common to the people of all nations. It was a divine dream that had been buried in the collective human mind since the beginning of time…

Hekate,   mystic Dream   

 Sylvia Love Johnson

Do you have a dream for humanity, anything you would want to see happening? What is it?

3 thoughts on “What’s your dream for Humanity?

  1. I dream for loads of things but here is my top three. Firstly I want peace between countries and people. Peace is the first step to happiness. Secondly I want to end poverty and starvation. Ending this will save thousand of lives. All we need is a bit of help. Thirdly I dream to live in a world where Black’s and Whites are equal in every way. Many have also dies due to racism. They are many dreams that need to reality and quick. Thanks


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