ShE MooN, Love Spell, Experimental based on the Novel by Sylvia Love Johnson


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An Experimental Short Film by Sylvia Johnson based on an extract form the Novel   Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream by Sylvia Johnson.ShE MoOn, Love Spell    

I heard her whispering my name. Her laughter echoed in the dark; she woke me up. 

That night Selene returned. I woke up from a dream in which there was only Selene and the emptiness that fills the chaotic place I dwell in: my apartment, with the intense and tormenting scent of jasmine blossom that forever engulfs it. The fragrance was impregnated within my bedroom’s walls, after I had smashed a bottle of perfume during one of my frequent fits of rage. Anger is my faithful companion in this comfortable and indulgent solitude. My loneliness is so luxurious that I belong to the group of people who live in the forgotten shadows, in old buildings, hidden in the most romantic corners that Paris can boast of. It was 4 am, I felt her breath caress my skin, I saw her face, and then she laughed…

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44 thoughts on “ShE MooN, Love Spell, Experimental based on the Novel by Sylvia Love Johnson

    1. To be considered for this role would be.. for lack of a better word Magical.
      sadly I have never read the book, but after reading the extract I shall make to to read it. I am 14 and enjoy acting a great deal. People tell me I’m rather good and that I have a mystical nature to my being. I dance & sing (Although not perfectly) I play Piano so music is in my blood. I have not, however, been given a role in any film before. But I should be making one with my friends soon on & it will be posted onto youtube. I hope you consider me for this challanging role.
      Thank you for reading my comment.


    2. I would love to be considered as a dancer actress for this role. from what i can see, it is a very surreal and abstract story and i feel i can relate to it. ‘My loneliness is so luxurious that I belong to the group of people who live in the forgotten shadows’ i love this line, it paints such a vivid image of the characters feelings. I am passionate about performing and would love to be considered. my name is Grace Victoria Newton and i have applied on Star Now as well, please view my profile on there and my showreel which can also be found at

      Thank You
      Grace Victoria Newton


    3. Hello, I’m a dancer and upcoming actress. 16 years old. I take acting and dance classes at the moment and I’d love to be considered for this role because I believe I can play any part I’m giving and I’ve been in a few plays as well. I hope I’m considered for the role . Thank you for your time.


    4. hi, I would love to be considered for the role of a actor/ dancer. Recently, i have been in a show called Just dance at the theater. My drama and dancing lessons I enjoy very much. I love the sound of the extract it sounds different making it more challenging to act out (which I like). It would mean a great deal for you to consider me and would be a great opportunity! All my details are on


    5. i would like to be considered for a dancer in this film. I have been dancing since i was 3 and i am comfortble doing any type of dance, i dont mind acting and singing althought i have never had any professional experience in these. I am interested in the extract of the book and hoping to get the book very shortly. please consider me because im hoping this maybe the start of my career.


  1. I would love to be considered for this role. I do dance,singing and acting classes. This role would be AMAZING to kickstart my future career. I love to do things like this i’m always dancing and acting around the house and being in a small production would be perfect for me.


  2. Hello

    My daughter would like to be considered for this role. She is 6 years old and has dance experience, attends a dance school and stage school. She learns steps/routines very easily.


  3. Hi Sylvia,

    I would again love to put my Stagecoach pupils forward for this casting! I can provide all the children you require, with licences and chaperones. All are highly talented in dance and drama. You will NOT be disappointed!

    Kindest wishes


  4. I would love to be considered as an actress for your film. I am a full time trained actress (LAMDA) with experience infront of the camera for TV and film.

    I have emailed over my CV.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks, Jennifer Gardiner


  5. I would so love to be considered for audition in this production – it sounds awesome and very challenging for any actress, which I think I can now call myself! I have had film experience and am just so excited at the thought of acting in such a mystic film. I’ve been told I have an ethereal quality on film so I can’t see me getting any comedy roles, I also sing and dance pretty well. All my details are on star now but I can send other photos and experience if this isn’t enough?


  6. I would love to be considered for this casting. It would be a fantastic opportunity as it sounds so different. I was at stage school for acting, singing and dancing, and have been lucky to have been offered a few film roles so far (I am 12). I know that I want to be an actress for a career (I am 12) . i just love it and come to life when I have the excitement of the challenge. My details are all on starnow and this is one of the music videos


  7. I would like to apply for this casting as I am a strong actor and dancer and I would enjoy the challenge of using both these skills in an original piece of work. I have worked with YMT on ‘Song For Eurydice’ where the piece involved devising original dance pieces to compliment the writer’s script, this was a theatre piece and I would be very interested to work on a project that involves film. I am quick to pick up directions and a hard worker.


  8. I would love to be considered for this role as it brings togther all my favourite things – Acting, Dancing and Music. I am an experienced actor and dancer – I have acted and danced in stage productions, been recently filmed in a comedy music video, been recorded as a voice-over for Ben 10 and I have been cast as an actor which is being filmed next weekend. I have an agent and my Starnow profile is
    Thank you for considering me. Ami


  9. I would really love to be considered for the role. Not only would it be an amazing kick start to a profession ive long wanted to go into it would also be a GREAT experience! i dance, act and sing. I have been acting since i was 5 years old, and i am dancing at an intermediate standard in modern, contemporary and jazz. I am a very committed person and do take the arts seriously. i hope you consider me! Thankyou!


  10. Hi, I enjoy dancing and acting, and I’m very comfortable on camera as I have experienced this quiet recently and loved it. I like the unique idea of mixing dreams with reality, I’m very good at changing expressions and quick to learn choreography as I have just played Sharpay in High School musical, which requires lots of dancing and acting.I would love to be part of this project. I look forward to hearing from you.


  11. The whole idea of your film sounds fascinating, I have been dancing since the age of 6 and have studied, Tap, Modern, Ballet, and Freestyle.I am currently a member of West end kids where i work really hard to achieve a high standard.
    I love to dance because it takes me away from the everyday cares of life and i can be who I want to be and where I want to be, dancing is a great way of expressing myself and also helps with my acting.
    I would love to be considered for an audition.
    Thank you


  12. Hello,

    I would love to be part of your film! I have been acting since I was 6 – and have been in films and TV shows, this sounds like a great project and it would be great to be working with lots of others of a similar age and with a similar interest. One of my favourite parts of acting is the people I meet – I will email my CV 🙂

    Thank you xxx


  13. I have experience in singing in King and I at Royal Albert Hall, dancing in Snow White Pantomime at the Shaw Theatre and acting as a main charactor in a short film,Girl in bubble. I have been dancing ballet and jazz for 5years. I have attended Stage Coach for 5 years,too. She Moon sounds artistic and I would love to experience dancing in such an artistic production.


  14. Dear Sylvia,
    I am a 12 year old girl who understands how much hard work, pratice and commitment is required to provide a professional performance.
    I have a passion for anything artistic, I love to read, write and draw.
    I have been involved in dance, acting and singing since a young age as well as being a competent gymnast and guitar player. Ballet and street are my areas of speciality in dance but I am very versatile and am quick to pick up what a choreographer requires from me.
    I perform regularly in any capacity that I can as I think it is important to keep developing my performance skills.
    Some of the feedback that I have been given after my performances from professionals is that when I act it shows I have a huge amount of empathy for someone so young and even when I am not technicaly spot on with my dance their eyes are still drawn to me because of the way I express myself.
    I know that I would be a great asset to you and would love the opportunity to be a part of your film. Please take a moment to look at my full details on starnow.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Paige from Shrewsbury.


  15. Hello sylvia,

    Im 14 years old and I love to perform weather it be acting, dancing or even singing. I have been dancing (ballet and tap) for ten years now and have just recently started taking modern classes, I also take gymnastics twice a week andI also dance at school. I am taking drama gcse at school and am loving it! I have performed in a few pantomines and workshops here and there, and think if given the oppertunity I could really show off my talent.

    Thank you
    Tara xxx


  16. Hello,
    I would love to take part in this film, I love to perform whether it be acting, singing or even dancing. I take part in drama classes every week as well as I’m taking drama in GCSE. I also have a good experience in acting, singing and dancing on stage/anywhere also this particular film sounds like a challenge but I never give up and I’m always commited, determined and concentrate hard on whatever I need to do. I also have the skills to perform many different and believable characters with personalities. So please give me the chance to kick my career off and become a better actress as well as to show the world my talent.
    Many thanks for your time


  17. Hi Sylvia,

    Youth CREATE, the charity I run, covers all aspects of performing and creative arts so we have dancers and singers as well as actors! All that come to us are very passionate and hard working, they come to us because they want to, not because they are made to. They all dance, act and sing from the heart and always give 100% even if it’s not the skill they’re most talented in! When we do a project, the end result, really has a vibe about it because they have all worked together as a team.

    Please get in contact with me, if you are interested in seeing any of the members of Youth CREATE.

    Best Wishes,
    Liz Evans (Workshop Director)


  18. Hi Sylvia,
    I applied for this film on starnow and I think I should be in it because I feel passionate whn I act and I am a hard-working talented, lovable child I’ll be 11 in June!
    Many thanks…


  19. Hi Sylvia,
    My name is Sydnie I am a mature 12 year old, from South London. I am versatile, dedicated and an experienced actor & Spotlight registered. I am always looking to further and extend my experiences & skills with Acting. I am very confident in life & in front of the camera & I am also reliable, I always turn up to events, however big or small, fresh-faced, tidy, presentable, on time & ready to work . I am kind & caring towards others, a good listener & take directions really well. I I like to be an individual & have a warm, friendly & happy disposition, that is not at all forgettable. I would love to be a part of your project. Please see my Starnow Photos,Profile and Video.


  20. Hi Sylvia,

    My name is Tolu Adisa and I am 13 years old and I am from East London. I would love to take part in your production and also to gain more experience in the industry.My height is 5 foot 5. I have worked in various industry’s including, Dance, Acting, Modelling and Singing. I have mostly worked in Acting and Modelling but hopefully in the future I could work more in Dance and Singing too. I am also taking part in a website Commercial for Come to Nigeria near in the future. I have done a Theater production for a theatre called LIPA and I was the lead role playing a young woman who has been left to own a museum all on her own with thieves on the lose. I performed with others in front of a paying audience and was award a certificate and a trophy for participation.I am starting a project called the Baribican Box and we will perform live at a the Barbican theatre in May.I am very confident acting on stage and on camera. In Modelling I have done various photo shoots for a community working on a project. I have done one photo shoot with a Professional photographer to add more work for the photographer’s portfolio and mine. I would love to get more experience and work more in acting in the near future. I have done several dance competition and showcases with a street dace group called S.Y.G. In Singing I have done work with my school choir including BBC Proms and I have also performed in front of the Duke of Gloucester. My phone number is 07438575282 or 07534512141 and My email addresses are or or
    Hope to hear from you in the near future. Also you can view my starnow profile at :// .

    From Tolu

    Sorry, I had trouble sending the email so I posted it up here.


  21. Hello, My name is Jessica Bacon and I’m 14 years old and would love to be considered for one of the acting roles. I haven’t read the book, but from the extract I’ve read on here it sounds fascinating, I’m also very interested in dreams and different mystical experiences. I have had previous acting experiences and am very comfortable with working with different people. I sing and can dance if needed, I’m also very easy going and am very easy to get along with. I’m 5 ft 4, blonde, slim and am very weight concious so would find it easy to lose or gain weight for the part. I’m also cooperative and kind and even though I haven’t had previous experiences in front of the camera I’m a quick learner and very dedicated. I’m well presented and reliable and am very interested in this project.

    Jessica Bacon


  22. Hi

    My daughter would like to be considered for this role. She has experienced a number of challenges at school which has led to her being home educated. She has always loved dance having started ballet when she was 3, her coping mechanism became dance! Dance provides her with a release and has helped her to express her emotions and passion. She follows instructions well but also likes to come up with ideas which have been used with many of her castings.

    She does not have the difficulty of having time off school as we have a flexible timetable of study supported by 9 teachers and tutors. She is extremely outgoing and very sociable, she wants to make the most the flexibility of this year as she hopes to return to school next year.

    She attends 2 drama schools and dance lessons every week.

    Best wishes


  23. Hi Slyvia,

    My name is Amanda, I am an actor and dancer and incredibly interested in being a part your short film. I am incredibly passionate about what I do, as it is clear that Selene Hekate also has. I was absolutely captivated by the first few paragraphs, so much so that I couldn’t stop reading, and that’s exactly the same reaction I would love to have!

    Exploring dreams’ connection to reality is an amazing concept to base a film on and combining it with dance and music will be incredible, and something that I definitely want to say I was a part of. I am 14, determined and reliable and would be thrilled if you would consider me to be in your film. You can view my starnow profile at: and I will send you an e-mail shortly.

    Thank you,
    Amanda Dahl


  24. I am an actor/dancer i do also sing but this is not my strongest point but i have been performing for many years. i am 16 years old and have also applied through starnow. I would liek to be apart of this film as the combination of actign/dancing/photography alongside the sense of dreams and mystery sounds quite abstract and stylised a style that i have previously worked on in theatre. I have recently been cast as a minor part in a feature film called baudelaires woman due to film in may. Thank you and i look forward to hearing from you. Natasha


  25. Hi my name is molly and i will be 15 in march i attend the marie clarke school of dance and do drama at school i would like to be considered for an audition for youre film. i am 5ft 5″ .
    Many thanks


  26. Hi Sylvia,
    I would love to be one of the actors in this new film. I attend Guildford school of acting, doing acting and musical theatre classes. I also do a local pantomime group (2011 was Sleeping Beauty and 2102 was Dick Whittington) and some of the school productions I ave been in include Les Mis and A Midsummer Nights Dream. I love acting and would be very keen to appear in this film.
    I also do ballet classes, which I returned to in May 2011 and I really enjoy them.

    Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you…
    Olivia Owen


  27. Hey, My Names Jasmine I’m 14 Years Old and i would be so grateful to have an opportunity at getting a role in this casting i have done a little theater but i have never done anything like films or on the tv. i have been looking for an acting opportunity for a while now to get me started i have wanted to be an actress for quite some time now my details are on and i would be really great full if you could get back to me thank you i will be looking forward to your reply.
    Jasmine Morris


  28. Hi we have seen your amazing film and think that we are just the package you are looking for. We come complete with choreographer who is fantastic with children and has some wonderful creative ideas and has produced some amazing dances. We also have a fantastic team of dancers aged between 5 and 11 who are all training with us currently, and who are all extremely lyrical and creative. All dancers regularly participate in shows and competitions.

    If you wish to see a short piece specifically choreographed please get in touch with music ideas and we will get something to you as soon as possible.

    Our agency Identity Casting will email details of our team that we think are right for you across and we look forward to possibly working with you on this exciting project!


  29. Hi, I’m Sophie, I’m 21 and live in London. To be considered as a dancer or an actor would mean so much to me! I am currently in my final year of training at Bird College of Performing Arts. I am a hard-working, consisent and focused individual, who loves to meet new people and experience new things! I have been told from previous jobs that I am a pleasure to work with, listen fully to instructions and take direction well. The passage written above is just completely captivating and an inspiration, with which I would cherish the opportunity to work with.

    Kindest Regards,


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