Art’s Eyes Experimental Movie

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Inspiring and Fun! SDIKFFlaurels smaller

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A fun 12 minutes short film about Art combined with fantastic stories.

A 25 minutes long artistic English lesson.
Made by children for Children.
Young filmmakers and artists Davide 9 and Gabriel 7

present this artistically inspirational English learning tool for children of age 3 – 9 years old.

It will encourage your kids to express themselves thruogh their own art master pieces and creativity. This tool is designed to help children learn English and became more interested in art while they play, dance and have fun.



This beautiful, fun, inspiring and super Artful 12 minutes movie shows the awesome creativity of 8 and 7 year old Davide and Gabriel. They are the creators of all digital art, all the colour prints, and the animation sequences. They also took all the still photos and 90% of the video. After watching the short film enjoy a fully creative English lesson, 25 minutes long to laugh, dance and learn.
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