Plant a Tree

 A group of individuals, researchers, social activists who have joined hands together on a mutually agreed harmonious mission to ‘Plant a Tree India’ for the noble cause of conserving environment Mother Earth. As the deforestation practices for the developmental cause has increased urbanization and the land have no alternative but to be beaten in terms of forest cover.

We are continuously destroying the harmony of nature which is adversely affecting wild life, forest and the ecological equilibrium on the earth and of course as a consequence even sustainability of our life on earth.

‘Plant a tree India’ as a young and a visionary project of ‘Innovative Foundation for India’ provides best possible assistance and support to the individuals, companies and any other institution or organisation in making their steps towards conservation of environment; chiefly through plantation in the Himalayan regions.

Their mission is to rejuvenate the legacy of sustainable development that has been persistent in the Indian culture from centuries…which always stressed over the harmony of life with the nature for the better living of one and all.

It is  believed that this can be solemnly achieved by a plantation campaign with people’s participation. It’s true that planting single a tree in the mind and heart of an individual can bring and save several thousands of trees on the ground.

We know that with this vision and faith we shall make a remarkable change serving the Mother Nature for securing sustainable life for all of us.

9.5 billion………For year 2050 this is the estimated world’s population, which is soon going to reach the mark of 7 billion at the end of the year 2011. This estimation of world’s population is very important in context of India, as our country shares about 16 percent of world’s population and 15 percent of its livestock but just 2.4 percent of its land area and only 1.7 percent of its forest cover.

According to facts India’s annual population increase is equal to the total population of Australia. The pressure of the development and even more the pressure of rapidly growing population has become very high matter of concern for all of us as; now we have created immense pressure over all our natural resources which are rapidly decreasing with passing days and becoming scarce.

Increasing pressure of population and development verses rapidly decreasing rate of natural resources has left us in big state of dilemma where sustainability of life on earth for all of us is agonizing issue.

Here consider few more facts form some reports which states that in the year 2050 there’s going to be at least 200 millions of climate refuges around the world. Taking this fact into considerations we can easily imagine about the situation of our country by 2050 which shares largest population in the world.

All the facts and figures ever given over environmental degradation just point outs towards one basic fact that there is something very wrong with our living habits. We are not at all in the harmony with the nature… well not any more now. We are actually not consuming the natural resources but in fact we are exploiting them to a large extent. This exploitation of natural resources has acted as a catalyst in the degradation of earth’s life. Clearly our rate of exploitation of natural resources is 1000 times more than earth’s ability to rejuvenate them.

So it’s all true that we have created imbalance and a great threat to sustainability of life on earth through our irresponsible habits and activities as a consumer. In the words of leading environmental activist and Former US vice president Al Gore, “Environment conservation is really not much of a political issue but it is actually a moral issue”

India as a country is blessed with a rich ecological resources and just before last century we were living almost an independent life where most of our requirement was fulfilled through indigenous means. But increasing rate of degradation of natural resources and rapid increase of population has harmed it severely. We just cannot follow the western model of development because our need and values are much more different in many terms.

In India environmental imbalance started when we started exploiting ecology of our two major natural weather and water control towers, first one is the Himalaya and second is the Western Ghats of our country. Himalayan regions and Western Ghats plays key role in nurturing life in our country but with each passing day ecological health of these regions has degraded severely and that has created threat to our very own existence.

From past century the behaviour of monsoon in India has been very volatile and caused many major droughts and floods. Large part of Indian Territory comes under threat of major soil erosion, North India is highly sensitive towards landslides and Eastern India is also prone to major floods and also in south and west we are losing our coastal sides. Consequences of environmental degradation are taking place in the large section of India.

In making any efforts towards the development we first need to learn that environmental conservation is very important aspects of sustainable development. Sustainable development as defined, “The Development that meets the need of present without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their needs”. A development is a development in its true sense only when it’s sustainable one.

In Working towards the mutual goal of sustainability through environment conservation it’s essential that we all should make commitment to ourselves towards conservation of fragile and diverse ecologies like Himalaya ecology.

It’s is all true that we all are going through greatest conflict of our History but its better if we don’t make any mistake by taking nature against us in this conflict but instead nature is supporting us through making regular warnings.

Truth is we are facing ourselves, we are standing against us…. and it’s only us who can save ourselves.

Humans have the strength that cannot be measured, whether its destruction or it’s towards the conservation. All we need to do is to grow our perspective and make certain shifts in it. It’s us who still can create the legacy of sustainable development once again, for ourselves and for our future generations.

But here we have to remember the ultimate truth…that time has its own limits and has its own measures… So we should not make any mistake about it and accept the fact that we are not left with much of time to start working towards environment conservation as if it’s now then it’s never.

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