METHOD (Susie’s Poem)

The bud the petal and the stem

The leaf the root and the seed

Sweetest of aromas live in you mysteriously

Aroused in the winter asleep in the summer

Brother to the Milky Way,

Blossom of the mother

Accelerate fervent heights of ecstasy

witness cosmic indulgence in sacred desire

Impregnate your want in the everlasting wall

Static in the Universe

You have an honest heart

You’re worthy soul

Your devoted nature

Gently caress my womanly essence

Shed your soul’s sweet perfume

Savage kindness shows mercy

Waves of bodily fluids in motion

Screaming uncensored passion

Though it’s heavy breath

Though its pressure on the chest

Though Darkness in the light

Death makes you a slave no more

Death frees you of all fear…

Springs of water run exhilarating

The end encounters the beginning

Where the sun finishes starts a new path

Beyond the horizon where the undreamt awaits

The dance of eternity holds your soul

Your boneless feet race with exuberating joy

The unshaken heart of us tunes to a symphony of everlasting reward

In your infinite Voyage take my will, witness of my love

In your infinite Voyage take my heart witness of my loss

Let me be the new prisoner of the wind

Let me Dance naked under waterfalls of fire

Let the one and only truth remain a secret

Because love was never conquered by death

Thus your last sigh remains with me forever.”

METHOD Sylvia Love

2 thoughts on “METHOD (Susie’s Poem)

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