Self Film Distribution Management

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Short Film and Feature Distribution Service

The service we offer you is entirely dependant upon different factors and you decide. We assess your project and create a customised distribution strategy for your film.  The factors we look at to determine the distribution plan are the following:

Your Film: genre, theme, sub genre, short, feature, documentary, children, music etc. Different films appeal to different audiences and thus different distribution strategies are required.

Your Target Audience:  It’s important to know what sort of audience will want to watch our film and how best to reach them.

You Purpose: Your distribution strategy will vary depending on your purpose, launching or furthering your career, making money, growing a loyal and long lasting fan based platform, maximum exposure for your project, the largest audience possible, to make an impact, to showcase your work to influential people in the film industry.

The Size of your Release. The budget expenditure is related mostly with the size of your release. If you want a Theatrical Release then its important to know how many screens you would like your film in and how many cities, countries or continents.

Indie Film Distribution

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We offer the press, publicity and the media buzz you need to ensure a good Film Release, wether it be Theatrical or non Theatrical. We asses your project to create the best distribution strategy deepening on your film and your purpose as a filmmaker/producer. We organise the Theatrical and non theatrical releases. You determine the size of your Release e.g.:( 50- 100 screen in 10 USA and UK Cities) We pitch your project to Exhibitors and Broadcasters.

Our  service focuses in giving your project massive exposure via media coverage, we organise your theatrical and non theatrical releases, we produce your merchandise and marketing materials, if you choose to. We work on growing your fan based platforms. We design and admin your website (if you don’t have one). We help you make the most of  your press kit, we submit your film to a minimum of 50 International film festivals, some times many more, depending on your project, your specific distribution requirements and personal goals.

Indie Film Distribution facts and tips

Digital Rights can be complicated when handling because they often overlap. For instance the digital rights home video distributors want may conflict with the digital rights required in the TV deal which may conflict with the rights needed by Netflix or similar platforms. More companies make money from digital downloads. The notable exception is. Filmmakers must carefully structure deals, which include digital rights making sure they are complementary.

The Value of TRUE FANS:

Independent Filmmakers connect with viewers online and at screenings, they build direct relationships with their fans and thus  they creating core personal audiences for your films. Filmmakers with a website can turn visitors into subscribers, subscribers into purchasers, and purchasers into true fans who can contribute to new productions. Your fans learn that by purchasing your DVDs they help you advance in your career and make more movies.

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