Dreamlike Self-portraits by JeeYoung Lee

Art & Culture

JeeYoung Lee creates highly stylized sceneries that demand a vast amount of patience, she uses absolutely no photo manipulation. During weeks, sometimes months, JeeYoung Lee works in her modest 360 x 410 x 240 cm studio building worlds that go against all logic. The artist places herself amongst her set, her works are always self-portraits. She finds inspiration in her personal life and old Korean fables.
Since 2007, Lee JeeYoung shoots the manifestation of her heart, she turns her dreams and memories into a reality that we perceive as astonishing works of art. The limitations of the conventional photographic medium leads her to add plastic creativity and theatrical performance to her pieces. Her work show the need of expression and interrogation of reality.
Her creative pieces serve as a catharsis which helps her accept society’s repression and frustrations. During the process of creation, while building her set, the artist meditates about the causes of her interior conflicts and hence exercises them; once she experiences them, they become portents of hope.
Winner of multiple artistic awards including the Sovereign Art Prize (2012), Jee Young Lee is one of the most promising up-and-rising figureheads of the younger Korean artistic world. Following the huge success of her first solo show outside of Korea with OPIOM Gallery in 2014, her work was seen 500 000 times on Reddit in just 2 days and has been featured in the worldwide media from the USA to China (all international editions of the Huffington Post, NBC news, CNN international, France 3 National news, China Daily, etc.).

Virtual Gallery 

Jee Young Lee crea escenarios altamente estilizados. Durante semanas, a veces meses, JeeYoung Lee trabaja en su modesto estudio de 360 x 410 x 240 cm. La artista construye mundos que se alzan contra toda lógica para luego se introducirse a sí misma sus montajes. Sus obras son autorretratos.

Desde 2007, Lee JeeYoung toma fotografías de la manifestación de su corazón, convierte sus sueños y recuerdos en una realidad mágica.

Sus piezas creativas sirven como una catarsis que le ayuda a aceptar la represión y las frustraciones de la sociedad; Durante el proceso de creación, la artista reflexiona sobre las causas de sus conflictos internos y así los exorciza; una vez experimentados, se convierten en presagios de esperanza.

Ganadora de varios premios artísticos como el Premio Arte Sovereign (2012), Su trabajo fue visto en Reddit 500 000 veces en sólo 2 días y ha aparecido en los medios de comunicación en todo el mundo desde los EE.UU. a China

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