METHOD: Love Analysis


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METHOD: Love Analysis

Method acting training submerges in the subconscious mind finding the information necessary to create a character. Drawing true emotion from past experiences, feelings and senses to convey truth. Derived from Stanislavsky’s system, a psychophysical approach,  and fixed with Strasberg’s adaptation, a psychological approach. The actor completes emotional identification during his character building work.

The love element depicted in METHOD short film, tells the story of impossible love. Both subjects Eva and Daniel are deeply submerged in the process of creating their character. They painfully self inflict instability, in order to reflect the truth of their role. Using experiences, feelings and emotions. They allow no limits, dangerously putting their physical and mental health at risk. Eventually loosing their selves to Method work. Whether they would be together or not in real life, the characters they build pursue opposite and conflicting objectives.

In the film within the film the character, Danny is obsessed with a woman who he wants to marry. This woman, Susie, the character, wants to break the relationship. Danny’s motives are self -serving and obscure. While Susie’s insecurities make her feel undeserving of his love and claustrophobic to his obsession. Meanwhile the actors Eva and Daniel, have fallen in love.  But their love cannot be fulfilled not only because of the opposing character objective but more so the experiences, feelings and emotions they are relying on to build their characters blossom coming to the surface creating a barrier between them.



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