You Can Have it All: The Law of Attraction Secrets


The Theory of Dr Luke Gospetell & other Stories”  

The stories reveal…..

The Simplicity of getting all you desire

Extraordinary Souls live in Ordinary bodies

The most important person whom you will ever meet

   The Treasure found in Stillness

The Value in all emotions

And more

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100 Secrets

Imagine a life in which you have mastered your inbuilt ability to create your present and future exactly as you want it to be. Using The Law of Attraction to manifest all your dreams.

What if one concept or idea can finally impact your subconscious mind and turn your life around. You are the only person who you need to convince that all you desire is coming right away. However, it takes a confident and powerful belief to make that connection between your inner self and the source energy that brings to you everything you dream work in your favour and not against, and you require a firm knowledge of how The Law of Attraction works.  The connection is there by default,  the Law of Attraction is continuously working for you, the secret resides in learning to make it work to manifest your dreams.

Imagine that you suddenly have total clarity, you know what you want and most of all you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are going to get it.

There is no feeling sweeter and more delightful than the absolute knowing with unwavering confidence that your dream is on its way to you now. That ‘knowing’ is the beginning of getting everything you can imagine and beyond.  The truth is that whatever you imagine, imagined or will imagine is on its way to you, yet manifestation needs the power of intent at its peak. One inspirational word, one sentence one story can awaken the power within you and set you right on the path in the direction of your every desire.

‘Knowledge is Power’, or so they say, where the power really lies is in understanding, in grasping the knowledge you acquire and making it part of you by embedding in your subconscious. Our emotions play a crucial role in this. The things we learn intellectually have a way of shaking off easily ending up in the back of our minds occupying space in our brain but not serving us,  occasionally remembered briefly by chance or wholly forgotten without making an impact. However, the things that we learn while we are emotionally involved stick with us for good. Think of your favourite film, why is it your favourite film? How does it make you feel?  you can feel it right now, it doesn’t matter how long ago you watched it last the feelings that it evokes are with you forever they have become a part of you they are embedded in your subconscious. Your favourite book, your most loved hero, all of this is now part of who you are. Stories have a way of helping us learn while we are emotionally involved, this is the kind of that knowledge sticks with us.

We grasp it, we understand it, we feel it. This knowledge is power.

The type of power that can turn your life around and transform you into a manifesting magician in a split second.

Have you ever heard the words: “Feel your way to your dreams.”

The fact is that many people are missing the primary factor in the fulfilment of their desires they are missing the most crucial thing to manifest all the good things you want to see in your life.

It is not enough to think good thoughts and to visualise; you need to feel them. Your thoughts need to be impregnated with emotion. Believing something means that you can feel it happening. This feeling is the first sign of manifestation, soon more and more signs pop up from everywhere and before you know it your dream is right there staring at you.

100 Secrets is a collection of 100 short stories that not only tell you how the law of attraction works but they show you through compelling characters who you can relate to and learn from the lessons of the Secret, the Law of Attraction.

Enjoy Secret #1 The Theory of Dr Luke Gospetell

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