Sylvia Johnson



Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia Love Johnson 

MAT Method Acting Tutor


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A little on My Acting Career Story

When I graduated from Drama School at Middlesex many years ago I didn’t feel ready at all. I felt that my 3 year graduate course had in fact diminished my confidence.

My “talent” had kind of been broken down into pieces over the course of the training through modules and exercises.

But I was told by my tutor that a) I was ready b) My smile would take me far.

I sent my smiley headshots to 100s and then to 1000s of casting directors  and agents, around the world. . 

I was working hard at it but I wasn’t doing it the right way. By no fault of my own of course. Educational institutions don’t teach how to succeed. No one really instructs you on how to successfully get exactly the work you want.

It took me time, through observation, trying and testing to learn

the mechanics of how the industry works to enable you to

They don’t teach you how to grow your Industry network. They don’t teach you how to properly view and deal with rejection.

As a result of all my work I got a rejection letter then another, then another, and another, and more and more and more. It got to a point where everything I got by email or post was rejections.

I did get some amazing roles too

Sonya in The Cherry Orchard. Desdemona in Othello. Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. I enjoyed theatre touring and meeting and working with some of the elite in the Theatre Scene and the  Film Industry like Profetas del Mueble Bar, Isabell Huppert and Christopher Honore, I even made quite a lot of money working as an actor in England and in Spain. I made more money than I would have made doing a regular 9-5 job.

But it wasn’t near enough in comparison with the amount of work I was doing to get there. 

Most Importantly it wasn’t what I wanted I was getting random work that had little to do with my dreams.

I wrote my first screenplay, Tears of Mariposa Lily, right after finishing Drama School. I had it read by several Industry influencers, they loved it. I was personally in love with it. 

So after months of taking my script around and exploring the film production scene I decided that I wanted to produce it myself. I had to learn how to be a producer. This would mean that I would position myself on the other side of the coin and instead of looking for acting work I would be the one offering acting work. It was a long road home but 

That’s when everything started to change..

I started learning about the Industry and gaining a new perspective. This is how I became very savvy in knowing how to  master my career path.

I had a much deeper understanding of how things work. My understanding grew and my vision expanded. I would became a filmmaker. I would continue to foster one of my greatest passions, writing, and I would decide exactly what roles I was going to get when and how. Whether it was because I was the creator of the project or because I was business savvy actor and I knew which doors to knock on and who to speak to. I was the Boss the moment I changed my perspective with a clear vision for my career.

Throughout it all I developed a fierce passion for teaching acting and drama. 

I am static with joy when I am in a classroom leading my students through to outstanding performances and helping them expand their abilities, discover their talent and “meet the genius within”

I’m a Writer, Actor, Filmmaker Producer and a passionate Acting Teacher.

I have been a Drama and Acting teacher over the past 15 years now. In 2008 founded School Of Theatre in Barcelona, and in Las Palmas, the Canary Islands.

I taught over 100 different students each month. 

My School became incredibly popular very fast so much so that within 6 months I had Hollywood casting directors, like Camilla Valentin Isola, theatre companies like El Teatro Pérez Galdos in Gran Canaria and agents like KURANDA in Madrid knocking on my door asking me to send them my students to castings and auditions. 

My growth and popularity was no due to luck or coincidence. It happened because I made it happen with specific strategies.

Two of my students  got parts in the Hollywood film Wrath of Titans II. It was filming in the Canaries at the time. Several of my students got important touring contracts with a prestigious theatre company in the Canary Islands another got spotted by a famous agent in Madrid. All of them got work and recognition while being my students. 

The main thing is that I have always understood that each individual student has their own individual and unique talents and dreams. Therefore each person’s path is different and unique.

The key to my success is that:

  1. I offer high quality training and education in Method Acting.
  2. I am very proactive in rising my status to influencer and very savvy about branding my School. I help each of my students achieve this too individually by helping them plan out and direct their desired career path.
  3. I know exactly how to leverage my Industry based network for maximum potential, exposure and growth.

I am working on reach a much wider audience so I can help even more actors design their career path and achieve their dreams while I am fully diving into one of my main passions: teaching acting. 

This is why I’m creating a digital online course and offering online 1-2-1 Acting Career coaching. So that time and space are no longer a barrier for me to reach you.

The 30+ lesson Online course has 3 parts: 

  1. Complete Method Acting Training. The A to Z technique taught by Stanislavsky.
  2. Actor Career Mapping out tailored Advice and Coaching
  3. Client Customised industry Network Strategy for Growth and exposure.

The 1-2-1 Acting Career Coaching focuses on:

  1. Helping you getting Clear Vision for your career.
  2. Design your career path with specific planning and strategy step by step and helping you follow it through.
  3. Teaching you how to grow your Industry Network for maximum exposure and success.

If you are interested in being a part of this, becoming a master of your craft, becoming knowledgeable and Actor business savvy, learning how to grow and leverage your Industry Network

I would like to hear from you.

I have created a survey designed to help me understand what are your primary career needs and goals so I can gain insight on how to help you best and it’s also a contest.

I invite you to enter the contest  by completing this survey you can WIN a Canon EOS 2000D Camera.

Once you complete the survey please take advantage of my gift to you 

As a thank you for completing the survey you are invited to book a FREE Online Audition Coaching Session, a Method Acting Session or an Acting Career Strategy Guidance Session 

You will also receive detailed information about my 1-2-1 Acting Career Coaching and about my new 

Online Course Master Method Acting 

The course is designed to help you 

Became a strong actor fully equipped to embody any character and able to transmit emotions move hearts and stir souls. 

Lear how to map out you career dreams, draft your personal and unique step by step plan towards success. 

Grow your Industry related network for maximum exposure. 

Drop me an email if you would like to receive a complete outline of the course:

Or by completing this survey automatically join my community.

In the mean time think about this

 “The Network

How good is your Theatre & Film industry network? 

Do you feel empowered by it?

Is it helping you succeed in your career?

What can you do to grow it?

Who could you be talking to right now that could help you achieve your goals? 

What questions could you be asking? 

What door could you be knocking?

Who do you want to follow and get to know? Learn what they are working on and explore the possibilities of working together?

After doing a MA in filmmaking and having worked as a producer for many projects and learning the mechanics of how the industry works I know that there is a lot each person can do individually to grow and leverage their Industry Network

  • Think about your specific goals. 
  • Get creative. 
  • Set up a plan. 
  • Follow it through. 
  • Do it unreservedly. 
  • Full heartedly.

It’s amazing what can happen when you commit yourself to your vision and you don’t let it go. 

Do you know how to leverage your network to get contacts, build relationships and master each step towards your success?

Do you have a clear map that traces the exact path towards filling your dreams?  If you haven’t you need to get to work. Even though at times it feels like

 “life happens to us”

In reality this is far from the truth. You are in control and you decide. You make your life happen. Became a Master at it.

Design a plan, a perfect strategy, while at the same time allow the element of surprise. The Universe will take what you put in and make absolutely wonders with it. Know that what will come to you is always more than you thought or imagined, its normally beyond your wildest dreams. 

As long as you commit to your vision with your whole heart.

You also need knowledge  to put a plan in place. With over 20 years in the Industry. I can help you with that.

Enter my contest by completing this survey and you can WIN a Canon EOS 2000D Camera. As my thank you gift book your FREE Online Session here this link will take you to my Site’s app booking system.

Meet The Genius Within.

Sylvia Love Johnson 


Finding Shakespeare in an intensive workshop in English at Canary seems rather complicated and difficult … Sylvia Johnson can do in Las Palmas by the School ofTheatre is not only possible, but a fun experience and recommended to all those loversof language and theater that have little time and desire to find incredible moments with special people without effort … I recommend it!

Natalia Diaz

Sylvia’s  method used to introduce us to theatre in English is addictive . Using a kind of mixture of physical exercises, yoga and theatrical expressions. Her way of directing the actors has talent and experience. You’ll learn while having fun. Thanks Sylvia.

Efren Gonzalez

For me, Sylvia’s school has been an awakening. I’ve always loved theatre and films, but had never really dared to try acting. But after trying this course, I declare myself addicted to acting… I’ve already done 3 courses, watch out, it’s addictive! The classes are very fun, but while you’re having a good time letting go of your shyness, you also delve into characters who end up engaging you. I have learned to understand and love some very complicated Shakespeare characters, and my confidence has increased a lot. A very dedicated teacher, who always has a smile on her face, who encourages you at the same time as she pushes you towards your own boundaries, only to discover that they can be crosses. I recommend it to everyone.

Caroline Suominen

 My experience has been positive, as only to  gain access to the casting of a film, is adream madereality and very rewarding for me. A Thursday I received an email from my drama teacher Blanca, who got an email from  School of Theatre, and from then on I’ve been like a  in cloud, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The day of the preparation and rehearsal with Sylvia and during the recording of the  scenes I was like a pudding, because I didn’t know  how it  was  all going to run . I learned how to move in front of a camera, because as explained by Sylvia  everything hasd to be slower than in theatera acting. I wanst happy with the recording of that day. I knew I could do better.When, with the help of my father I  recorded  the scenes again then I put into practice what Il earned from Blanca, and all of Sylvia’s  advice, this time if I was satisfied because I did the best I could.   Lucas Kank

I think it’s a great idea to be able to get to learn about Sheakespeare’s literature. It’s my first contact, although in English, I find it very fresh, and I start to love every character I read. The feelings are so impressively strong! Sheakespeare is a discovery for me. I hope it will go on for a long time.Thank you Sylvia, for having such a great idea.  

Adele Nauffal

Sylvia has helped me improve my acting skills, including voice projection, breath control, and improvisation. Thanks to Sylvia I’ve learned to focus on the importance of characterization and escaping reality to become the character. 

Vicky Vanity

I did not hesitate a moment to introduce me to audition for the movie CLASH OF THETITANS II and to understand the character role of Helius, the son of Perseus. It would be an incredible experience for me to participate in the filming of this great movie.Therefore, spend a Sunday afternoon in the preparation, testing and recording of twoof the scenes, I found very interesting. We visited the School of Theater in Las Palmas,where Sylvia Johnson patiently coordinated all interpretations.  Although in my housejust had studied the paper, it was very easy to learn it because I love stories of adventure and Helius is a brave boy, daring dreamer. It certainly has been an enriching experience that, in any case, has allowed me to learn more.   

Luis Adan Saavedra

A varied course and  very agile. Very useful for many aspects of life and art. For example,as a writer I think I now  visualize much better my characters and I’ve only attedend one and a half intensive theatre course. I  Highly recommend it , It also helps to overcome the blockages caused by shyness.

Gloria Torres

I have to say , Im very pleased for the Theater Classes, I ve’ had on February in Las Palmas ,I ve found those very productive and very well done I find Sylvia very clear and professional on this matter  that is why im going to keep doing the course during March. Highly recommended. Ignacio Barbé

For me having participated in the ‘Intensive Theater and Drama Course’ has been a great learning. My experience was very enriching, both personal, for the colleagues who met there, and technically. It helped me, therefore, to renew and learn new theatrical techniques. Playing Shakespeare was a challenge and in his own language. Under the orders of Sylvia Johnson I transmitted professionalism while loving even more if it fits the interpretation making it close with great sympathy. As the interpretation is continuously renewed it has helped me to get new tools when interpreting a character. I would recommend to everyone who likes theater to do some Shakespirian character at some time in their life and this workshop will give you

the opportunity to take it.  Germán Peñate

About Sylvia Love Johnson

Sylvia Love Johnson is a Filmmaker, Writer, Actress, Producer,Passionate Method Acting Tutor

She completed a BA in Acting at Middlesex University, London in1999. She studied Film Production and Creative Writing. Sylvia has worked as an Editor and Journalist in the Film, Arts and Education Industries.

She worked in Theatre and Film as and Actress/Writer. She collaborated in several Independent Film projects as a co-producer.

In 2008, Sylvia Founded School of Theatre in Barcelona, the dramatic arts school, soon opened in Las Palmas.

In 2010 Sylvia published her first novel ‘Mystic Dream’ a second edition of this literary work is in the works.

In 2013 she completed a Master Degree in Filmmaking at Kingston University, London. Ever since she has produced 8 short films, winning the San Diego International Kids Film Festival Best Produced Kids Film Awards with her Short “Art’s Eyes’ 2013. She was featured in the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2014 with her short Film ‘She Moon Experimental” 2013. Her short film “Forgotten Paradise” 2015, featured in Palms Spring ShortFest Market and in Depth of Field International Film Festival Official Selection and Kenya International Film Festival. Sylvia is presently working in the development of her next short film ‘METHOD’. After this she will set up to produce her first feature film, ‘Montana Mischief’, the modern story of Joan of Arc, Janelle Montana,14, receives a calling beyond her age but not beyond her capacity. This project will be followed by two of her feature films in development including ‘Annika’s Shoes’ an 8 year old Albanian girl takes us through the horrors of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. ‘Mystic Dream’, a magic parallel world awaits in our dreams for the redemption of human soul; five ordinary women will lead us in this extraordinary journey.

Background and Early life,

Spanish Sylvia Love Johnson was born in Valencia and  raised in the Canary Islands. Sylvia’s father Fernando Carlos Johnson Johnson, an Expert in International Relations, and Teacher and her mother Leonarda Maria Nepi Batapa, Human Rights Activist and a Nurse.

MA in Film Making London, 2013– BA in Acting, 1999 BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts 1996 Founder and Director of the Dramatic Arts Academy School of Theatre in Spain. Author of the Novel Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream. Journalist in the Arts and Education Sectors during 1996 and 2011. Actress with credits in Theatre and Cinema. Drama and English Teacher 2001- 2010. Filmmaker and Producer at film Production Company  HEKATE Film Works Eco fashion Entrepreneur 2013.

Sylvia Love Johnson: Bio (The She Moon Song)

Sylvia Love Johnson: Bio (The She MOon Song) from Sylvia Johnson on Vimeo.

The She mOon Song by Tim Bond and Sylvia Johnson

Original music from the Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson “She Moon, Love Spell” Music by Tim Bond, Lyrics by Sylvia Love Johnson, Voices: Rebecca Lacey, Athena LeFay, Masha Warning, Isabella Speight, Sylvia Love Johnson.

Sylvia Love Johnson 

AWARDS:  BARCELONA ACTIVA Business Enterprise Award 2008

BEST PRODUCED KIDS FILM  at San Diego International Kids Films Festival 2013

FOUNDER of  the Dramatic Arts Academy, “School of Theatre” Las Palmas and Barcelona 2009



“Her strong leadership teams’ performance and management qualities, while being  head of marketing and communications as well as director and producer, make her a determined, forceful and forward thinking business Entrepreneur. Amy White

Over the years, Sylvia Love Johnson has learnt to put to good use her interpersonal influence abilities transferring them to problem solving and customer/pupil solution;  while aiming to enhance the maximum potential of her creative works, always having as a main goal to inspire others and to spur people on towards finding their own creative gifts. Terry Olson

 She has worked in the film industry for the last 13 years, mostly in a voluntary and collaboration basis, learning about all areas of pre-production, production and postproduction, from the early age of 15. Lance Nielsen

 Alongside with her filmmaking career she has developed her writing career, working as a Journalist for the arts and education sectors and in press and publicity for the film industry; collaborating with industry and educational publications in London, Las Palmas and Barcelona. She has acquired web content editorial skills by running several blogs related to her main  interests such as health, beauty,  love, theatre and the arts, cinema and writing, and Eco Fashion” Grupo Nemis



Producer/ Writer/Actress 

HEKATE Film Works 2011 – 2014

“ Mystic Dream”. 2016 Feature Film( in development )

“Method” 2015 Short film, (Pre-production)

“Montana Mischief” 2015 Short film (Pre- Production)

“Forgotten Paradise”  2014 Completed

“The Making of Method” 2013 short, completed

“Art’s Eyes” 2013  short film, completed

“Ethical Fashion” 2013  Short Documentary film, Completed

“She Moon Love Spell” 2013  Short Film Completed

“Lance & Lucy The Short Movie” 2011 . Short Film. Completed

” The Explorers” 2011 Short Film. Completed


2015 Forgotten Paradise. Short Film

2013 Art’s Eyes. Short Film

2013 Ethical Fashion Short Documentary

2012 She Moon The Short Film

2011 Lance & Lucy The Short Movie. Short Film

2011 The Explorers. Short Film


2011 Selene Hekate. A mystic Dream. Short Novel. Available in E-Stores

2011 Montana Mischief. Short Film. Pre-Production

2009  Las Hijas de Isis. Isis’s Daughters. Novel. In Development.

2011 Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream. Screenplay. Feature Film. Fantasy/Thriller Feature. Pre-Production.

2007 Unconscious Therapy. Psychological Thriller. Feature Film. In Development.

2006 As Iron Sharpens Iron. Screenplay. Feature film. Drama. In Development

2005 The Secrets of Divinity. Monologue. Theatre. Comedy.

2004 Amor, lujuria, Pasión. Theatre Play. Comedy.

2003 Corazones Perdidos en una Realidad. Short Film. Poetic

2003 Secretos en el Camino. TV Series. Thriller.

2002 Strawberries. Theatre Play. Comedy.

2002 Tears of Mariposa Lily. Screenplay Romantic /Thriller.

“Be bold and brave, be truly daring, dare to live”

 Sylvia Love Johnson


2011-2014 Masters Degree in Film Making
1999 -2002 BA honors degree in Acting.  Middlesex University, London.
1996 -1999 BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts Ealing Terteary College, London.

1994 – 1996 Cambridge Advance Certificate in English.. Richmond Upon Thames College. London.

1994 -1996 Certificate in Translation (Traductores e Interpretes) Richmond Upon Thames College. London
1991 – 1993 BTEC  First Diploma in  Business Administration.  Institute Mesa y Lopez, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Other Education
1996 – 1999
Creative writing
Turnpike Lane Writing School., 347 Turnpike Lane, North London
1998 -2000
Journalism  intensive course

Film and Theatre Production. Intensive Course
Middlesex University Summer School, Trent Park, Bramley Road, London N14

Savanah (Grupo Nemis)

Theatre Critic, Theatre  reviews , Journalist .

Pre- Production.  SELENE HETAKE. Feature Film

Independent Producer

School of Theatre

Theatre and Drama  Teacher

Photography Model

Teaching Experience

2010  Irish Yeats Academy.  English Teacher. Las Palmas

Asociacion de Vecinos Nordtramuntana San Andres: Paseo Torras I Baiges 101-103. 08030 .Barcelona.

2009 Teacher of Theatre in English for children ages 3 to 12.

2009 Drama in English all ages

CIEF ACCION, C/ Francesc Tarrega 14, 3º, 1Barcelona.

Business English Teacher.

2004 – 2009 Drama teacher School of Theater and Dance SOCART Palmas de GC.

Teaching children ages 3 to 16 years old.
Drama teacher WORKSHOPS for  adults, Las P
almas de GC.
Private English teacher .  Teaching up to 11 children ages 9 to  16 years old during a period of 5 years. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Off Stage  Theatre Experience. London.

1996  All Things Nice. Lisa Watson. Set designer

1996  Mobidick .John Wright. Stage Manager

1997   Lorca Triologia. David Peacock.       Press and Publicity

1997 The Crucible. Sarah Hill. Press and Publicity

1999   Danton’s Death. Katie London.       DSM

1999   The Fool. Will Jon.    DSM

2009 The Secrets of Divinity Sylvia Love Johnson Director

TV. Film. Short Film. Acting Credits. 

Film / Short Film / TV

2009 Noa’s Ark  Various Theor

2008 Conectacts   Sylvia                 Diego Salazar

2003 Má Mere   Secretary           Christopher Honore

2001 Hearts lost Ana Lance Nilsen

2001 30, s   Beatrice  Lance Nilsen

Theatre Acting Credits
2008   La tentación de los Espiritus YAKIBATO Marc Pujol

2003  History of the Tablets                   Variuos Profetas de Mueble bar

2001  Strawberries                           LUCY Dannie Carr

1999 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest  INMATE John Wright

1999  Aladín  JASMINE David Thomas

1999  Ring round the moon   DIANA Will James

1997  A night out (Harold Pinter)          GIRL John Abbott

1996 Uncle Vanya (Anton Checkov) SONYA Jane Harrison

1996  Othello (William Shakespeare)   DESDEMONA Jane Harrison

1996 Without  Punishment (Lope de Vega)  CASANDRA Brian Ingram

1995  The scoffer of Seville (Lope de Vega)  TISBEA Brian Ingram

1995 The Tempest (William Shakespeare)  GONZALO Brian Ingram



Short Stories  


Lance Nielsen. Film and theatre Producer and  Director. London.

JOhn Wright. Director. Told by an Idiot theatre Company. London.

Jane Harrison. Actresss. Drama teacher. London

Briam Ingram. Director. Performing Arts Teacher. London

Middlexes University. London.

Middlesex University’s Press Office. London.

Profetas del Mueble Bar. Las Palmas.

Imagia Free Lance. Las Palmas.

Seven Island Films. Las Palmas.

Theor. Actor’s Director. Traxmuten Art. Barcelona.

Marc Pujol. Actor. Director. Barcelona.

SJ Productions films. Reality Creation Works. London.

Barcelona Activa. Generalitad de Catalunya. Barcelona.

Diego Salazar. Director. Barcelona

SocaArt. Escuela de tEatro y Danza. Las Palmas.

Grupo Nemis. Revista Savanah. Las Palmas

Christopher Honré. Film Director. France.

Katie Laundon. Theatre Director. London


1996- 1999 North Circular. Middlesex University. London.

2002- 2011 Savanah. Grupo Nemis. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

2011 Student Film Festival London.


2007- 2011  School of Theatre. Acting coach. Drama and theatre Teacher.

2009- 2011 The Irish Yeats Academy. English Teacher

2007- 2009 CIEF Accio.  Business English Teacher

2003- 2004  SOCART .  Theatre, Drama and dance teacher

TEACHING programs, modules and courses developed and taught

by Sylvia Johnson:

Theatre and English

Shakespeare’s Theatre

Artistic Bilingual education for children.

Exploring Samuel Beckett and other contemporaries

Courses  (Advance acting training)

Casting Call For Professional Actors

Acting for Camera

Intensive Theatre Course

Modules (Advance acting training)

The life and works of William Shakespeare

Physical Theatre

Method Acting

Education and Training

Kingston University   Masters of Arts in Film Making

 The Film School Barcelona,  Film Production Course

 Middlesex University, Bachelor of Arts in Acting

 Turnpike Lane Writing School Creative Writing/ Journalism  Course

Ealing Terteary College BTEC – National Diploma in Performing Arts

Instituto Mesa y Lopez BTEC- 1rst in Business Management


4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. I have applied for the part if Iris Montana. I would like to be involved with this project because it looks really interesting and I think that this part would be very interesting to play


  2. Hi Sylvia, I have applied for the part of Mcmcy in Montana Mischief.This looks like a very exciting project and i think i would fit well with this character.
    I applied via Starnow and i hope you got time to look at my page.
    Im loving your resume by the way….very impressive.


  3. hi Sylvia
    i have applied for you project of Montana Mischief through starnow, and would greatly appreciae it if i was considered for a part
    i hope you like my profile on starnow.

    many thanks, Paula Navarro


  4. Hi Sylvia,
    I want to apply for one of your project which you spoke about.
    I will fit in any character you want me into .


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