True Love- The She moon Song Magic

“Suggestive and Beautiful” Per Bohlin "A lovely moment of Zen to start the day "John G. The Film Production Company HEKATE Film works has released the ‘inspirational’ ‘magical song’ “True Love”, original music theme from the Short film “She Moon, Love Spell” 2013 by Sylvia Love Johnson, The music composed by Tim Bond and lyrics by Sylvia... Continue Reading →

Fragmentos de un Sueño Místico (Spanish)

 Selene Hekate, Sueño Mistico “…Selene era ama y dueña de la manifestación absoluta de sus deseos.  El mundo parecía girar única y exclusivamente a su antojo…. _ Todos los seres  grandes o pequeños somos igualmente divinos, la diferencia esta en su manifestación… _! Que maravilla!. Esta luz siempre esta aquí, ¿verdad?_ Grité con emoción. _Sí... Continue Reading →

The Story behind She Moon, Love Spell

Follow @SylviaLoveJ Ten years ago, while going jogging by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Sylvia  had a vision. It was the vision of a movement, through this movement humanity would change the course of its destiny for ever: planet Earth would become, what once was: paradise. This movement, being of a... Continue Reading →

“It only takes a man’s or a woman’s dream ….”

Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream  (Short Novel) Read preview :  BOOKS It only takes a man's or a woman's  vision to change the destiny of all people in all nations. In a journey that unites the conscious and the subconscious minds an eternal dream will be fulfilled. Extraordinary souls hold the key to the truth... Continue Reading →

Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream…

Dream I woke up from a dream in which there was only  Selene and darkness. Her hair felt like silk caressing my skin, her red cheeks, warm, illuminating, filling the emptiness within.  Her  green eyes glowing intensely,  resembling bright emerald stars in the night. She blended in the shallowness of my dwelling place,  where I... Continue Reading →

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