Hekate Film Works Short Animation Competition (Round 2)

 ROUND TWO OPEN for Registration       These are the steps to follow: 1.  Register by filling in our short contact form below. At this stage we only need your contact information and samples of your animation and art work. If  we believe that you are suitable to join our team we shall invite... Continue Reading →

Darkness V Light (METHOD)

METHOD Anatomy of the Creation Process Darkness v Light The main theme symbolised with the white lily explores the duality of opposites and the need of the existence of the parallels as one; darkness and light, death and rebirth, purity and sensuality.  Susie’s Poem at the end of the film exposes the paradox and the moral of the story... Continue Reading →

Self Film Distribution Management

We believe We believe you have a vision that must be known, seen and heard by all… We believe a dream can be expressed in a single image… We believe we have the tools to move hearts and generations and to change the world… We believe the time is now and the place is here We believe every artistic creation is the creation of a new reality which encourages people to change their perspective and look at the world differently…

Art’s Eyes Experimental Movie

Inspiring and Fun!  Buy it here:   Art's Eye Movie  Visit our cool website here Davide & Gabriel  A fun 12 minutes short film about Art combined with fantastic stories. A 25 minutes long artistic English lesson. Made by children for Children. Young filmmakers and artists Davide 9 and Gabriel 7 present this artistically inspirational English... Continue Reading →

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