METHOD Graphic Novel Series


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Graphic Novel Series

METHOD Graphic Novel Series

“ Passion, love and lies ambition, obsession and ego come over exposed with the light of “METHOD”. A group of actors will stop at nothing to build a character, even when embracing darkness is the beginning of loosing themselves

Vol. I

‘A Character Lost in the dream of the Actress’

METHOD Vol. I Graphic Novel Series

Eva, an actress suffering from the pain of loss gains, when she needs to prepare a new role she gains strength by finding refuge in the dreams of a past love. She doesn’t see that her dark secret lover is pulling her away from reality, taking over her life and keeping her imprisoned in a fantasy.


Vol. II

“When fearless ambition develops wild obsession”

METHOD Vol. II Graphic Novel Series

Daniel, a self -made successful actor, is at the peak of his career. Everything falls into perfect place yet he realises that nothing makes sense. He becomes obsessed to be in control. His wildest instincts take over when a mysterious woman makes and entry in his life.


Vol. III

“Charisma has many faces”

METHOD Vol. III Graphic Novel

Enchanting and romantic, singer songwriter, actor Simon is irresistible to women. His charisma leaves more then one, mercilessly, at his feet, even if only for a short while. But the tables are about to turn, when he meets the woman who will tear his heart apart.