Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market " She Moon, Love Spell" by Sylvia Love Johnson

She Moon, Experimental ( E Press Kit )

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“She Moon, Love Spell” 2014


An Experimental film by Sylvia Love Johnson

“I had a dream, the melody of life: Love”


A writer recalls an encounter with her love interest. The feelings evoked lead her to remember a chapter in her childhood when she was casted a love spell. Meanwhile she writes a new story about the magic bond of five chosen girls, with a higher purpose. The girls will cast a spell, during a full moon night, to affect humanity’s heart while we dream.

This Experimental short film uses narrative, poetry, music, lyrics, thought and passion with creative freedom to recreate a day in Sirima’s life. Sirima is one of the characters from the Novel “Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream”, by Sylvia Love Johnson. Sirima is one of five women who feel aimless and lost in all life affairs. They share a past, a childhood, a story with a tragic end. The five have carried this burden from their childhood and have been crippled emotionally each in different ways yet for their suffering makes reference to love. The fragmented narrative style was conceived with the suggestive picture of the process of creation through creative thought passion and dreams having love as the spurring engine of all creative outlet. The writer, transforms her feelings into devotion for a higher form of love. The She Moon Song takes us through the thought pattern of a brand new story the writer creates from the starting point of five young girls meeting in the forest with a divine purpose at hand.

She Moon, love Spell

“When dreams are powered by Love creation Emerges”

She Moon, Love Spell

She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson

She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson

She Moon, Love Spell Soundtrack

“Selene” a piano piece by Tim Bond

The She Moon Song by Tim Bond and Sylvia L. Johnson Original Music from the Short Film “She Moon, Love Spell” by Sylvia Love Johnson Singers: Rebecca Lacey,Athena LeFayMasha WarningIsabella Speight and Sylvia Love Johnson.

Promotional Stills

   She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson  She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson  She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson She Moon Day 2-249  She Moon Day 2-332 She Moon Day 2-339 She Moon Day 2-374 She Moon Day 2-379 She Moon Day 2-388 She Moon-158 She Moon-161 She Moon-182

She Moon-246

Press Release

Ten years ago, while going jogging by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Sylvia  had a vision. It was the vision of a movement, through this movement humanity would change the course of its destiny for ever: planet Earth would become, what once was: paradise. This movement, being of a supernatural kind, started with the calling or awakening of millions of chosen souls, women and young girls. The chosen ones would fall sleep to allow their spirits to travel to a magic realm. From this realm the souls of millions would be forever touched,  by whispering pure and simple love into the hearts of all humans, with The Love Spell. This would happen during an eternal night followed by a new day where there would only be  sheer and true love towards our planet and towards each other. She Moon, Love Spell is a melodic representation of this vision, merely the gist of it.  She Moon, is intended to be an extract extension of a day in Sirima’s life. Sirima is one of the main characters in the novel by Sylvia Love Johnson, “Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream”. This short film attempts to give a glimpse into the story and its message. Upon arrival back home after jogging, Sylvia made of the  vision a rough draft for a screenplay.  The completed screenplay/treatment for a feature film will still take several years to emerge. Before that, the vision would become a Short Story, “The Awakening of the Chosen Ones” 2005. Shortly after Sylvia would write a children’s theatre play, “Mi Amiga Selene” based on the same vision.  In 2011 it became a Novel “Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream” and  then Sylvia started working in a feature film treatment for the story.  In 14th February  2013 Sylvia Johnson completed the post-production period of the the Short Film  “She Moon, Love Spell” produced in UK. This journey was accompanied by casting call for a feature film that attracted hundreds of professionals actor’s and actresses in Spain during the Selene Hekate Casting Call. She Moon, Love Spell, was conceived as an Avant-Garde project due to a course module while completing an MA in Filmmaking.  Sylvia went into production  purposefully without a script, the challenge was to make an experimental short film;  she had an idea, a few frames in mind, the lyrics of the She Moon Song and a message to transmit.  Talented composer, Tim Bond became part of the creative team during the She Moon, Love Spell production. The characters in the story; Sirima, Luna, Tamara, Selene and Dama are portrayed by the young talents Ellie Bindman, Isabella Speight, Masha Warning, Charlotte Toubloulic and Melissa Sanger and the dancer Sammi Foster incarnating a younger Selene. While the leading voices are from singers Rebecca Lacey and Athena LeFay. The second edition of the Novel that inspired this short film “Selene Hekate. Mystic Dream” is due to be published and launched worldwide by the end of 2013. While the feature film, shall be filmed mainly in Spain and is still in pre-production stages and fundraising.  Related Links: She Moon, Love Spell Youtube Trailer: She Moon, Love Spell IMdb: She Moon, Love Spell Official Website: Sylvia Love Johnson’s Author Spotlight:

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market " She Moon, Love Spell" by Sylvia Love Johnson

 The Love Spell

“Love from above shine here below. Love of soul let her be whole. Love in spirit be empty of all. Love infinite be he adored. Let love on earth be poured. Let fear in her soul flee its hold. May the Joy of love never be here untold”

Sylvia Love Johnson (Brief Bio)

Sylvia Love Spanish Sylvia Love Johnson was born in Valencia and  raised in the Canary Islands. Sylvia’s father Fernando Carlos Johnson Johnson, an Expert in International Relations, and Teacher and her mother Leonarda Maria Nepi Batapa, Human Rights Activist and Nurse. MA in Film Making London, 2011 – BA in Acting, 1999 BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts 1996 Founder and Director of the Dramatic Arts Academy School of Theatre in Spain. Author of the Novel Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream. Journalist in the Arts and Education Sectors during 1996 and 2011. Actress with credits in Theatre and Cinema. Drama and English Teacher 2001- 2010. Filmmaker and Producer at film Production Company SJ Creation Works. Eco fashion Entrepreneur 2013.

 Film Reviews

  • She Moon, Love Spell ArtTrue work of fine art !! Well done ! Thanx for sharing :)Matt Desimone 
  • She Moon, Love Spell by Sylvia Love JohnsonVery cool! Keep up the great work. I would love to share with you in regards to our work, poetry.  I do prose and putting something like that background video and melody, it would be amazing brought to life. It;s very personal to me. I would love to see it come to life. ( I am a writer and we have similar interests. I can see the art, the beauty in your work. I am so happy to see that you have blossomed. Blessed Be.  Shelli Buhr
  • She Moon, Love Spell ArtSuggestive and beautiful…Per Bohlin
  • She Moon, Love Spell Art“Good art work. Like it very much. Music, lyrics and picture are in one mood, one wave. The feeling of innocence flows through the whole film…”
  • She Moon, Love Spell Art“As per my message, a lovely moment of Zen to start the day. Thank you!”
  • She Moon, Love Spell Art“A wonderful moment of Zen with which to start my day- thank you, Sylvia, for this intriguing short film. All the best”, John B. Gately
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnsonwow ! Fantastic , wonderful , splendid , I liked very much, congratulations. hugs . Greetings from Brazil .José Pompeu
  • She Moon, Love Spell Art“Very profound. Chant of spiritual unknown awaken. Beautifully made. Although Pageant like worship.”
  • She Moon, Love Spell Art“I really like this piece/peace….the metaphor and vocalisations are very nice. I love the militant cadence….like women marching to the beat of a new world. Thanks.” Amy
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson“I´m deeply impressed. This short film is magic. It lives from camera positions, the cut and the music. Made alive by the actresses. Thanks for that Sylvia. I will share this film with my friends. A really wonderful peace of film art.When I start to watch the film it impacted me in after seconds. And released me with the last word and fading music. I love the music with your lyrics. MAGIC! My vote: 11 points of 10  Martin Kwabena Schulz
  • 3083_362574287145177_1970109739_nTruly a splendid and very inspirational short film Sylvia, I am truly very impressed, keep up the great work 🙂 xx God Bless you with my very best wishes to you for always Niell Chisel
  • She Moon, Love Spell by Sylvia Love JohnsonI have watched you film, it is very magical. I have read you synopsis of the film so I know that my thoughts are not one in one  with your intentions. But still, I felt thrown watching the film that this woman was been put down by her friend saying she is not ready for love. I think it is a universal feeling, we have all been there and will encounter it again. and this dream she is having of these girls is there to reassure her confidence in herself and in love. I think the out come is enchanting! A true woman’s work. I had this thought that I wish I had a dream like that to reassure myself, and then i realized that is exactly what you film is.. a dreamy boost of confidence to other woman in similar situations. :) there is also some very beautiful photography in the film.
      Thank you for sharing you film with me! mizmor watzman
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love JohnsonVery divine and Kudos for creativity, but most daring was the combined thrust for love, power, and an in-depth display of spells. I liked it good job…Janet Kelly
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson Very well done, I loved the singing and the camera angles and background shots . Very well done Sylvia, very artistic. P.S.  I love the sound of your voice…  Steve Samson
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love JohnsonCongratulations Gorgeous Sylvia Love May the Love Spell Unite Humanity Chris Billy Bob 
  • She Moon, Love Spell Artwow Sylvia that was great. You did a amazing keep up the good work I really enjoy the film hope to see more.xo Marie Clark
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson You really got a lot done in very little time. Nice variety of images, good editing and I liked the musical cues. Janis Jones
  • She Moon, Love Spell ArtThe more I view your remarkable work Sylvia, the more I love and respect you, your work is truly amazing and I am very proud of you, please keep up with your fine work as I truly like all you you do  xxxx Neil J. Chisel
  • She Moon, Love Spell Artfantastic and a beautiful voice! Willy Sandhoefer
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnsonbeautiful Caroline Suominen
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love JohnsonTruly a splendid and very inspirational short film Sylvia, I am truly very impressed, keep up the great work  xxGod Bless you with my very best wishes to you for alwaysNeil J. Chisnall
  • She Moon, Love Spell a Short Film by Sylvia Love JohnsonAwesome… Really sensitive and emotional movie i love it Martin Digg

Production Stills 

The She Moon Song Sylvia Love Johnson

Sylvia Love Johnson  Writer/Director/Actress/Producer

Sylvia Love Johnson Ever since I can remember I wanted to be an actress. I can recall the exact day I told my mum what my profession would be when I grew up at the time I was 5 years old. At the age of 9 I started writing stories. These stories sent me in luxurious fantasy journeys.  I invented worlds, characters, thoughts and feelings with the thoroughness and devotion that only a child can have. My characters stayed with me, they organically grew and developed as I grew and changed over the years. For instance, Selene my character from (Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream) has the exact appearance and air of mysticism that had one of my very first characters,  Christine. Christine is a red headed,  10 years old girl, with green eyes, pale skin and face swamped with freckles. She is a twin sister born on earth from an earthly mother, yet she is not of this planet. I was born in the mainland Spain, Valencia, but my family and I moved to the Canary Islands when I was 8, by then my dreams about becoming an actress resumed in the odd school play. In my early teens I moved to London there I studied Performing Arts at Ealing Tertiary College College and later on a BA in Acting at Middlesex University.I started writing as a press officer at Middlesex University, while I was doing my BA in Acting, and then went on to publish Arts and Education related articles in several magazines. After graduating from Drama school I wrote my very first full length screenplay “Tears of Mariposa Lily” Reluctant to send it off to any producer or filmmaker who could alter or change my screenplay I decided that I had to do it myself, learn to produce and make films. Such a task seemed impossible at the time but I set off on a long journey that would take many years and many collaborating helping in different productions, with talented filmmakers like  Efren Gonzalez and Antionio Gonzalez, Lance Nielsen, who work very hard yet still are waiting to see their dreams come true. As an actress I had many compelling roles in theatre productions, such as Sonya in Uncle Vanya, by Anton Chekov,Desdemona in Othello by William Shakespeare, Princess Jasmine in Aladdin,  Girl in A Night Out, by Harold Pinter, Diane in Ring Around the Moon. Then I continued to juggles different, TV, Cinema and Theatre roles and writing with a demanding family life. Many of my creations such as the Hekate story, emerged and developed in between breast feeding and changing nappies. My children were born in 2004 and 2005. Years later in 2011 I enrolled in a MA in Film Making course at Kingston University in London, ever since I have made 6 short films. “Lance and Lucy. The Short Movie”, “The Explorers” and “She Moon Love Spell”, “Ethical Fashion”, “Art’s Eyes” The Making of METHOD“. I’m currently working on the Pre-Production of METHOD and the distribution of She Moon Love Spell, Art’s Eyes and Ethical Fashion. I’m also working on fund-raising for my first feature film “Hekate-Mystic Dream” (Working Title).

Tim Bond  Composer/Music Producer

Tim Bond Since studying music and production at the University of Huddersfield Tim Bond has gone on to write and produce soundtracks for various short films, commercials and computer games. He is also responsible for the music of the Showbotz – an Australian spoof rock band.  My film credits include She Moon, Love Spell, The Setback and Pulling Faces Other projects include mobile apps for companies such as Nestlé and Propell Publishing as well as games for FortheWin7. For most of my life I have studied the guitar and over the years I have played in various bands all over the UK and beyond.

Cast and Crew

Rebecca Lacey  Singer/Actress

Rebeca Lacey Rebecca Lacey Singer and Voice over in She Moon, Love Spell In 2005 Rebecca made her first appearance on stage at her school summer fare.  She was very anxious, but as soon as the music started this loud, mature voice came out of the nervous 7 year old and surprised everyone.  Needless to say Rebecca won the competition! Since this time Rebecca has gone on to star in numerous competitions, panto, amateur dramatic and school productions in many lead roles, which supports her love of the arts. Rebecca is a keen musician, who spends many hours writing songs, some of which have been performed at school and various events.  Also, an accomplished pianist and self taught guitarist, which has been a benefit with her own performances. As a GCSE Music and Drama student Rebecca is keen to pursue her love of performing and hopes to study Music and Musical Theatre for A-Level and then to study Music at University. Member of; Elmbridge Youth Theatre since 2011 Appeared in productions of; The Sound of Music and Westside Story (playing Consuela) at the Cecil Hepworth Playhouse.  Annual winter and summer concerts in solos, duets and groups.  The Star Players since 2011, Appeared in productions of; Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and Aladdin – Charitable event in aid of Whitton Wishes at the Hampton Playhouse in lead roles. School Choir since 2009 Soloist for the Jazz Band and soloist and group song in the senior choir. Winner of school Young Musician of the year 2010. Promenade Choir (RCSherriff Trust) since 2008 Talented member of the choir as a soloist and in group song.  Incorporating modern, traditional, classical and operatic pieces into the quarterly concerts. Jean Inwards School of Dance since 2007. A proficient dancer from the age of 2½ years in ballet, tap, modern and acrobatic.  Annually competes in the British Arts Awards in all forms of dance and song, with numerous 1st place achievements over the last 6 years.  Takes part in the bi-annual dance show in groups and solos at the Beck Theatre, Hayes. “My love of writing has taking me in the direction to start writing a Musical and I hope to showcase this at the Cecil Hepworth Playhouse (2014) – following a chance conversation with Pete Allen, Arts Development Officer Elmbridge in association with RC Sherriff Trust, during my solo performance at the ACM Gospel Choir joined by the Massed Elmbridge Schools Choir on 04 October 2013.” Rebecca Lacey

Rebecca’s Future Events

Date Event Location Organisers
July 2014 Invited to attend as lead female soloist – Remix Jazz Orchestra – 17 piece jazz ban Finchampstead Remix Jazz Orchestra
March 2014 School Production – Alice in WonderlandLead role – Alice – acting, song & dance Weybridge, Surrey Heathside School
February/March 2014 Charity performance of Sleeping BeautyLead role – Aurora – acting, song & dance Hampton, Middx. The Star PlayersIn aid of Whitton Wishes
February 2014 Elmbridge Youth Theatre – Production of Seven Brides for 7 Brothers – acting, song & dance Walton Playhouse Elmbridge Youth Theatre

Athena LeFay Singer

0 Athena Athena LeFau Athena LeFay is a classically trained soprano, composer, lyricist and keyboardist, born in Athens, Greece. She always showed  strong interest for the of arts, especially music and literature. She took vocal lessons from an early age, but it was’t until the age of 17 that she discovered her promising talent in classical singing. She has been intensively studying classical singing in one of the most famous music schools of Corfu, with the experienced mezzo-soprano Stamatina Karidi. Piano lessons with Haris Kanakis, one of the most famous greek contemporary classical composers and conductors. Kanakis helped her bring out her skills in composing and arrangement, which she soon started to explore. A collaboration with him did not take long to happen,  she has been writing lyrics for  Kanakis to fit several of his songs, both modern and classical. Soon Athena started getting into contemporary music with epic and symphonic metal bands, which brought her to the formation of an original symphonic/epic/gothic metal project in Greece that lasted 3 years. Bands like Nightwish, After Forever and Blind Guardian have literally “marked” her teenage life. Symphonic metal brought her to gothic, folk, medieval, new-age, shoe gazing and ambient music and the road is never ending..! As a strong interest for northern european folk music developed, an obvious change in her own compositions was inevitable. When she moved in the UK in 2011, she started collaborating with various musicians (hip-hop, electronic, pop etc.) -such as Adrian Skiman– either as a lead vocalist or lyricist or both. Promoting herself was made much easier through her youtube channel, counting more than 200000 views and hundreds of subscribers. In the meantime, she is continues her classical music training with the renowned coloratura soprano Cathy Pope. “Music makes me feel that being different is normal. It’s my shrink and my daily glass of wine. Without it I simply can’t carry on”, She says. She is always seeking to create the perfect “vocal hybrid”, a way to combine classical technique, with soul, jazz, folk, blues, rock, pop and her own personal touch. “It’s all about being yourself; being honest about who you are. People can tell if you are true to yourself and appreciate that. We live in a world full of lifeless posters.” She is currently working on her own solo project and in the meantime taking part in several musical projects as a session singer. “Singing for me is not a choice; is a necessity. Take it away for me and i will go crazy! I am so lucky to work with all these inspiring people that want to make a difference in the world. I feel like it’s my duty to make sure this actually happens…”

Sammy Foster  Dancer

Sammy Foster Pic Sami2 Sammi Sammi Sammy strives to be the very best she can be in everything she turns her hand to! She works very well with everyone and loves to perform, especially on film. Sammy is a classically, English looking/speaking little girl that can easily be cast into a multitude of roles. She is very experienced on stage, on film sets, music videos, TV, Commercials and stills.

Masha Warning  Actress/Singer

287808_358662177536388_493241297_o Mash Masha Masha studied drama at Focus Performance Centre & Guildford School of acting.  She has taken up to Silver LAMDA exams, receiving distinctions in every one. In the future she wants to  study drama in either RADA or LAMDA.  She studied ballet, singing and music at Richmond Music Trust, Guildford School of acting and Richmond Academy of Dance Masha featured in the film Anna Karenina. And performed in several Guildford School Acting, Focus Performance Centre productions, Questors Theatre. In 2011  she won The Young Performer of The Year award.  She  plays Clarinet in Richmond Youth Symphony Orchestra and Richmond Youth Concert Band which tours nationally and internationally. She trains competitively as an ice dancer and figure skater at Guildford Spectrum and she takes part in the ‘Pantomime On Ice’. She is fluent in Russian, competent in French  and  in British accents.

Ellie Bindman  Actress

EllieMark Ellie Ellie Ellie3 Ellie Ellie has always had a dream of being on stage or in films, and at the age of 3 she would pretend to be Snow White (wearing her Disney dress) and bite into a luscious red apple then act out being poisoned and falling with drama onto the floor. This could be in a hotel or just in front of friends, but it was the start of her family nickname ‘drama queen’! She had her first taste of acting on stage when, at the age of 5, the girl picked to play the leading part in the school Nativity play fooled around during rehearsals and Ellie was more than delighted when asked to replace her. She managed to convince her parents, living in Northumberland, to give up lifelong friends to move down to London, as she had been offered a place at Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts. She is determined to work in theatre and films in the future, and has a plan B in case she is out of work, as she intends to train as a teacher too. Ellie is extremely comfortable and in her element in front of the camera or on the stage, whether acting, singing or dancing. She has a natural screen presence, described on every occasion by directors who have cast her as ethereal and intelligent, and is very adaptable, being an actress, so can do moody, loving, angry, funny, happy, tearful, thoughtful, anguished… is always very professional and focussed. She is totally enthusiastic about acting and very excited every time she has a chance to perform which means major commitment to every role she has had. She has enviable persuasive qualities.

2007 People’s Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dancer/Singer Panto 2008 People’s Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dancer/Singer Panto 2008 Queen’s Hall, Hexham ‘Rainbow Big Bottom & the Giant Panda’ Singer/Dancer (locally, in National Touring Company) 2009 Two fashion shows as children’s clothes model.2010 Full length film ‘Frank’ by Richard Heslop (I like Films, Me) (nominated for a British Independent Film Award).2010 Music Video – Bombay Bicycle Club, by Leafhouse Films. 2010 Music Video – Little Lives, by Leafhouse Films. 2012 Abused Child in Meerkat Film Productions film for Children North East. 2012 Music Video – Dustbowl 111 by Leafhouse films. 2012 Servant/nobleman in King Lear at University Theatre, Newcastle 2012 Orphan in ‘Annie’, Cluny Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne 2013 She Moon Experimental2012 Shortlisted in a Lars van Triers film, down to final two 2013 Music video – Sigur Rôs, by Leafhouse films
2012/3 Molly Crows – an indie supernatural film directed by Ray Wilkes, just won Best Drama at Portobello Film Festival Awards 2012/3 Shortlisted to the final point for major film The Book Thief
2013 Main role in The Redfords by Mathilda Robinson for The Met Film School 2013 Doll for University of Westminster School of TV Directors 2013 Radio 4 play How to have a perfect Marriage by Nicholas McInerny, directed by Melanie Harris 2013 Music video for Lanterns on the Lake directed by Leafhouse films 2013 Recall for Nancy in Swallows & Amazons 2013 Mimi in Filmby Lumino’s  ‘It’s all about contacts’ for channel 4 2013 Rosie, a southern Irish girl in So Sweet the Dream directed by Clark Wiseman 2013 Lead in music video for Dear Reader’s song Take them away, directed by Rob Savage 2013 pre filming for Gold 2013 Young Imogen in Notes on Blindness, full length film directed by Pete Middleton & James Spinney 2013 Young Camilla in Resurrection for Met Film School, directed by Nishant Agawal 2013 Scarlett in music video for Kolo’s single ‘Castro’ directed by Matt Smith. 2013 Young girl in Walking on Water, Abby Jones Productions. 2013 Lead girl in True Love will find you in the End by Mark Potter. 2013 Featured role in James Arthur music video
Best Music Short London Film Festival 2014
 London Short Film Festival 2014 Best Music Short

Isabella Speight Actress/ Singer

Isabella Izzy1 Izzy2 Izzy3 Being half British and half Malaysian also means that she has a unique look! She spent nine years at a stage school in Brighton, and attended Felsted School in Essex.  She has performed in many plays ranging from school plays to professional West End productions. She was in a production of “Joseph” which toured in the USA.

Melissa Sanger Actress

Melissa2 Melissa Melissa a young actress, enthusiastic, reliable and willing to take direction. She is determined and driven to succeed.  Doing drama at school, gaining A* for Drama Gcse and at Italia Conti and Young and Talented Theatre Group.  She wants to study Drama at university or RADA, LAMDA e I has an energetic, happy, easy going personality.  She is very sporty,  she can jazz and street dance and sing. Melissa is very versatile.

Charlotte Toublouic Actress

Charlotte Charlotte

 15 years old Charlotte  loves dancing and acting and singing. I am a good actress who works hard to make a success of any project I undertake. I am currently studying drama at school and at Laines Theatre Arts where I also study Ballet. I have passed my LAMDA grades three and four with distinction and passed my GCSE Dance at the age of 13. I am a member of West end kids training where I study dance for three and a half hours every week. I have lots of experience of performing both amateur and professional and am keen to continue gaining experience for the future.

Jamey-Leigh Weber Hair and Make Up Artist

Jamey Jamey is a hair and make up artist living in London.  She has over 10 years experience in making people look awesome. She is a freelance professional artist specialising in film, fashion, music, television and theatre. Since moving to london, she has worked at one of the top salons in the industry and studied at the legendary Shepperton Studios.  She is trained in all areas of hair and make up including prosthetics, bald caps, make up effects, extensions, facial hair, wigs and airbrushing. Throughout her time in the industry she has been involved in many short films, music videos, photo shoots, web series, and theatre productions.  She has assisted amazing artists as well as designed concepts for multiple productions.  “Being part of a team that creates amazing things is why I love what I do!”

Magda Kowalczyk Lighting Designer

Magda Magda Kowalczyk has been in the film industry for 14 years, the last 2 in UK. She graduated from the Polish National Film School in Lodz as a Director of Photography and the prestigious Budapest Cinematography Masterclass in 2011. She was first awarded for “Reflection” at the XII IFF ETIUDA& ANIMA film festival in 2005 and she was also the co-director of “Silence II” the same year. In 2008 she was awarded at the Wiesbaden Film Festival for her work as a co-director in “By the river” from 2006 and she worked as a cinematographer for the awarded Kuba Maciejko “Bon Appetite” in 2010. Her latest film “Farewell” about her mother, renowned film director, editor and photographer, Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk will be shown at the Krakow Film Festival in 2013.

Ben Henderson  Sound Recorder

Niel Wood  Camera Operator

She Moon, Love Spell Art

Comunicado de prensa  (Press release in Spanish)

Hace diez años, mientras iba corriendo por la costa del Océano Atlántico, en Las Palmas, Islas Canarias, Sylvia tuvo una visión. Fue la visión de un movimiento, a través de este movimiento, la humanidad iba a cambiar el curso de su destino para siempre, el planeta Tierra se convertiría, en lo que una vez fue; el paraíso, Este movimiento, sobrenatural, comienza con la llamada de millones de almas elegidas, mujeres y niñas. Las elegidas caen en sueño y sus  espíritus a un reino mágico. Desde allí liberan para siempre todos los seres, susurrando amor puro y simple en los corazones de los humanos a través del hechizo de amor, durante una noche eternal, seguida de un nuevo día en el que solo existe amor hacia la tierra y  por la vida por siempre jamás “Ella Luna, Hechizo de Amor” con titulo original “She Moon, Love Spell” es una representación melódica de este movimiento, más que la esencia de el mismo. El cortometraje intenta dar una visión de la historia que lo inspira y su mensaje. Al volver a casa después de correr, Sylvia convirtió la visión se  un borrador de para un guión de largometraje. El guión / tratamiento complete aún tardaría unos años para emerger. Antes de proceder la  visión se convertiría en una historia corta, “The Awakening”, luego en obra de teatro para niños, “Mi Amiga Selene”.  En 2011 se convirtió en una novela “Selene Hekate. Un Sueño Místico ” y así mismo en un tratamiento de película de largometraje. El 14 de Febrero de 2013  Sylvia Johnson finalizo con la post-producción de ” She Moon, Love Spell” producido en el Reino Unido. Este viaje ha atraído en los últimos años a cientos de profesionales del mundo de la interpretación en España y en el Reino Unido. “She Moon, Love Spell”, inicia como un proyecto de vanguardia debido a un módulo del curso en maestría en cine que completaba  Sylvia en 2011. Entró en producción sin un guión,  existía una idea, una serie de visualizaciones, la letra de la canción “The She Moon Song” y un mensaje. Sylvia Johnson contrató a Tim Bond como compositor del proyecto. Los personajes de la historia; SIRIM, Luna, Tamara, Selene, Dama son representados por las jóvenes talentos Ellie Bindman, Isabella Speight, Masha Warning, Charlotte Toubloulic y Melissa Sanger y la bailarina Sammi Foster. Mientras que las principales voces son de cantantes Rebecca Lacey y Atenea LeFay. La segunda edición de la novela que inspiró este cortometraje “Selene Hekate. Sueño Místico ” se publicara a finales de 2013. Mientras el futuro proyecto de largometraje el cual será filmado principalmente en España, se encuentra todavía en las etapas pre-producción.

Sylvia Love Johnson (Biografia)

Desde muy pequeña siempre quise ser actriz. A los 9 años de edad de empecé a escribir historias, historias que me llevaban de lujosos viajes de fantasía . Inventaba mundos, personajes , pensamientos y sentimientos con la minuciosidad y la devoción que sólo los niños puede lograr. Mis personajes se quedaron conmigo , crecieron orgánicamente y se desarrollan a medida que yo misma crecía y cambiado con los años . Por ejemplo, mi personaje de Selene ( Selene Hécate , Mystic Dream) tiene la misma apariencia y aire de misticismo que tenía uno de mis primeros personajes. Nací en, Valencia, pero mi familia y yo nos mudamos a las Islas Canarias cuando yo tenía 8 años . En mi adolescencia me mudé a Londres, estudié Artes Escénicas en Ealing Terteary College y más tarde me gradué con una Licenciatura en Arte Dramático en la Escuela de Arte Dramático de las Universidad de Middlesex. Durante mis años en la Universidad. Unos años antes de empezar en la Universidad recibí una invitación para assistir a los Cursos de Verano de Royal Shakespeare Company . Empecé a escribir en prensa en Middlesex University Press Office, mientras cursaba para obtener la Licenciatura en Arte Dramático. Mas tarde pase a publicar diversos artículos relacionados con las Artes Escénicas en revistas y publicaciones online . Después de Graduarme como Actriz escribí mi primer guión para largometraje ” Lágrimas de Mariposa Lily ” . Reacia a enviarlo a cualquier productor o director de cine que podría alterar o cambiar mi guión decidí que tenía que debía de hacerlo yo misma , debía de aprender a producir y dirigir cine . Tal tarea parecía imposible en el momento pero aun así me embarque en un largo viaje que mr llevaría muchos años y muchos colaboraciones ayudando en diferentes producciones , con cineastas talentosos como Efrén González y Antionio González , Lance Nielsen, que trabajan muy duro pero todavía están a la espera para ver sus grandes sueños cumplidos . Como actriz he tenido muchos papeles importantes en producciones teatrales , como Sonya en Tío Vania , de Anton Chejov , Desdémona en Otelo de William Shakespeare , la princesa Jasmine de Aladdin , Chica en A Night Out, de Harold Pinter , Diane en Anillo alrededor del Luna. Mas tarde combine el Cine el teatro y mis obras literarias con una vida familiar muy exigente. Muchos de mis creaciones, tales como la historia Hécate , surgieron y se desarrolló en medio de la lactancia materna y el cambio de pañales . Mis hijos nacieron en 2004 y 2005 . Años después, en 2011 me matriculé en un Máster en Realización Cinematográfica curso en la Universidad de Kingston en Londres , desde entonces he hecho 6 cortometrajes. ” Lance y Lucy . La Pequeña Película “,” The Explorers “y” Ella Moon Love Spell ” , ” moda ética “,” Ojos de Arte ” The Making of MÉTODO ” . Actualmente estoy trabajando en la pre-producción de METHOD y la distribución de Ella Moon Love Spell , Ojos de Arte y Moda Ética . También estoy trabajando en la recaudación de fondos para mi primer largometraje ” Hekate – Mystic Dream” (título provisional ), espero se impulse con la publicación de la secundad edición de la obra literaria que la inspira. She Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell ArtShe Moon, Love Spell Art

Darkness V Light (METHOD)

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Method by Sylvia Love Johnson



Anatomy of the Creation Process

Darkness v Light

METHOD by Sylvia Love Johnson

The main theme symbolised with the white lily explores the duality of opposites and the need of the existence of the parallels as one; darkness and light, death and rebirth, purity and sensuality.  Susie’s Poem at the end of the film exposes the paradox and the moral of the story we have followed, in which each individual struggles with the darkest side in them and each longs for a way to reconcile and integrate the darkness within their personality through their roles in METHOD. The poem concludes that the equal acceptance of both “sides of a coin” results in freedom.

The interrogation setting was designed to produce a sense of mystery and expectation.The atmosphere wanting to recreate a womb, where creation is taking place.

METHOD by Sylvia Love Johnson

Actors and director go through a series of Method exercises in the journey towards building a character, the process is possible by allowing the death of self or ego, constructing from a natural state of being.

The lighting design to create the desired atmosphere provides the suggestion of an intimidating space where one or more people are being put to the test. We made different choices as to how simulate the interrogation space to evoke feelings of uneasiness. We used coloured dimmed lights, orange, three point lighting combined with LED soft front light to highlight the hair of the unseen interrogator, soft front light to illuminate the subject together with hard side lighting on an angle, to create a sharp and definite spotlight on the subject. We then tried intense focused lighting point coming from directly above the subject’s head, this proved ideal if we wanted to give our character the sinister look, which the main character, Danny, would grow into as the film reached its peak. We added cold soft light in the foreground so as to intensify the presence of the interrogator and audience.

A contrasting combination of light and darkness on the face of the main character to represent the unknown, possible fear, mystery and conflict, all these suggested a wide range of possibilities as to where the scene was heading; rising the expectations of our audience.  The unseen interrogator remains slightly exposed yet strongly represented with low key/high contrast bathed in shadow.

 Casting: While casting METHOD I was aware that I would need actors who are experienced with method acting and conventional acting training technics.

Due to the complexity of the theme; a film within a film and Characters creating a character, a real love triangle reflected on a make belief, fake or movie love triangle, a history of past hurts and traumas, regarding  parental relationships. Love carrying emotional baggage with the unwillingness to let go and the struggle with the loss of a loved one.

What started of as a “boy meets girl and it all goes wrong” film, became a very different and much more complicated story.

We start with the conflict between brothers for the love a woman and we then discover that this conflict originated during their childhood, as it seems that the siblings have always been rivals over the love of their mother.  They have always been jealous of each other. Be it because their mother treated them unfairly or because one or both brothers draw towards the edge of a relationship that leads to jealousy and insecurity instead of love. The love triangle serves to bring to the surface the character traits to be dealt with, faced up to and embraced.

Danny is the modern hero; the protagonist who we draw to love and like to then discover he is actually the bad one. Danny’s exhilarating energy, confidence and charm is in fact hiding a whole different self, a man full of anger, who is egocentric and insecure. His entire life, his flat, clean and lineal, shows the way he handles himself, many clothes, through smart up sessions, his job; a charismatic actor, all this helps him and aids him in hiding who he really is and what he feels, which is total indifference towards the rest of people, an obsessive need to protect himself and most of all anger. He is not to find reconciliation, although he goes through the path in his attempt to be liked, and of conquering love yet his dark nature does not allow reconciliation.

Susie struggles with the loss of a loved one, her feelings and emotions serve to achieve her goals, yet this prevents her from letting her go of grieve, alienating her and putting her aside from the rest of people, to wonder indefinitely in the her own world of pain, for better or for worst.

The pair makes perfect opposites yet totally incompatible because they both cling to their dark sides and are unable to allow room for light, joy or love. They base their living upon this thick darkness that has become as essential as air. On the other hand, Simon and Monica try to constantly renew their beings, even if with difficulty they are bound to find reconciliation with their dark side through their love. 

The Cast Method

The outsider theories…

Ego v Angel

Danny’s Ego versus Susie Ghost/Angel

Biutiful v METHOD

“BIUTIFUL” 2010 Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu. Spain.

Biutiful  = A man who is trying his best.


In the past when I wrote a story I usually felt I had decent characters but only until I watched “Biutiful” a feature film by the Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu.

An entire life story shown within the first minutes; the depth of an invented personality expressed thoroughly within a few words out of his mouth. Sheer darkness enveloping, screaming:  “secrets are about to be revealed!” Thick anguish so palpable, a thrilling mixture of bittersweet innocence and cruelty. This is what Alejandro’s character, Uxbal (Javier Bardem), a man living in this world but able to see death, played by Javier Bardem, did for me. Within the first two minutes of meeting him I really wanted to know him better. Regardless of the type of story Uxbal was about to tell, I so desperately wanted to hear it.

My favourite lesson from “Biutiful” after characterisation  was on location: how Alejandro boldly takes over the main streets of the amazing city of Barcelona and he shots a scene of calm and pleasant order rapidly turning into massive chaos, within seconds, with catastrophic consequences. It was so ugly it was amazing to watch. It made me feel that you really need some guts to be an impacting filmmaker.

Do I have that sort of guts?  would I dare to do what Alejandro  did with the city of Gaudi? I don’t know, but to dare considering it is a step forward.


Regarding script and cinematography Certify Copy” 2010, Abbas Kiarostami, Italy: Certify Copy’s the subtext presents an intriguing world of possibilities. Giving value to all that is not said or shown in the film truly allowing the imagination of the audience to do as it pleases. The creative shots and incredible use of mirrors and reflections combined with natural light inspired some of Susie’s most intimate moments in METHOD, yet to be shot.


For the editing I chose to learn from “Red Lights” 2012, Rodrigo Cortes, USA. Rodrigo Cortes’s camera movement and editing goes beyond the conventional.

Also the contradiction between the protagonist and the antagonist makes an interesting setting; the supposed antagonist played by Robert Deniro puts us in conflict with our own believes, we have been educated to believe in the paranormal, yet the protagonist is telling as that is it all lies, it seems like the filmmaker wants to convince us of the opposite to our believes.  In our society we are educated through the media, especially film, to put faith above science. It is indeed a moral dilemma that Cortes solves by giving us the answer we want, he in the end allows us to continue to have faith in the impossible with an extraordinary resolution.

Here the fact that it is our beliefs as viewers that determine what moral dilemma we are dealing with is conclusive. It is up to us how important the dilemma is and how it should be resolved. The writer will give peace to some of us yet will disappoint others. Targeting culture and society is critical. To be successful we need to know what our audience desires what they believe in and what beliefs they would let go of easily or not. Cortes does this brilliantly.

Danny v Uxbal

The outsider making peace, Uxbal,

Character: he has a gift= evil? Yes he has made bad choices?=on the wrong side, =trying to do his best, =society is to blame=he has a great affliction= life is hard on him= on everyone! But he has a terrible affliction= does his affliction save him, do we forgive him because of it. Only if he lets go, he does, he has not choice in the end. His tragic ending makes him likable.

Moral Dilemma: Uxbal does all the evil to care for the ones he needs to save. In a parallel Danny is the way he is because he also is trying his best. Do we forgive him? No, Danny does not let go. Cleverly Alejandro gives us the right conclusion for Uxbal in one sentence, one of the lines spoken by the friend and councillor, brings peace to Uxbal or at least to me, the viewer.

Abbas Kiarostami Magic reflections versus Susie’s location. The Cinematography/Art direction in Abbas’s “Certified Copy” What a feast of artistic beautifully arranged frames. At the art gallery/shop, stonewalls, tasteful sculptures surround, light point strategically put in disguise of elegant lamps adding atmosphere. Also the reflection of the city of Tuscany,  on the car’s windshield, while they are driving away whilst having a flirtatious chat: we can now see antique large buildings, people walking in the street, the blue sky, all without loosing sight of the loving couple’s close up.

METHOD drives the detailed exploration of character, thought, line of action, history and background, afflictions, dream and desires, fears and secrets.

Indie Film Distribution Tips and Facts

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Your Priorities…

Indie Film Distribution

Core Audience/Target audience It is vital that you know inside out who would like to watch your film, who would love watch your film? And how you would you reach out to them? List 5 groups. Invent creative ways of attracting your core audience to the product you know they are going to love. Your film is unique, or at least it has one or more elements of uniqueness to it. Use these elements to connect with your audience. HECATE bases Customized Distribution Strategies on Target Audience and Core Audience Analysis.

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Where is your target audience located?
  3. What are their interests?
  4. What would you like them to think about your film?
  5. How will you attract them to your film?
  6. What other films similar to yours are they watching?
  7. Are you targeting individuals, groups or communities?
  8. What’s their age?
  9. What’s their gender?
  10. What’s their income level?
  11. Where do they go to find the products they like, use, want?
  12. What is their family situation? Married? Children?
  13. Will they want to spare the money to obtain your product? Why?
  14. What about your product is most appealing to your audience?
  15. What do they dislike and like in general?
  16. Are they regular followers or will this be a one off sale?
  17. Are you looking to attract new fans or just maintaining your existing fans?

Answer these questions specifically and broadly. If you don’t have all the answers do your research. Have this analysis done for each of your films. It is key to determine if you are going to offer products that attract the general public and different audiences depending on your project, or if you are a brand leader with a defined style who maintains a core specific audience.

Digital Rights can be complicated when handling because they often overlap. For instance the digital rights home video distributors want may conflict with the digital rights required in the TV deal which may conflict with the rights needed by Netflix or similar platforms. More companies make money from digital downloads. The notable exception is. Filmmakers must carefully structure deals, which include digital rights making sure they are complementary.

The Value of TRUE FANS: Filmmakers connect with viewers online and at screenings, you build direct relationships with your fans and thus creating core personal audiences for your films. Filmmakers with a website can turn visitors into subscribers, subscribers into purchasers, and purchasers into true fans who can contribute to new productions. Your fans learn that by purchasing your DVD they help you advance in your career and make more movies.

Indie Film Distribution

Art’s Eyes Experimental Movie

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Inspiring and Fun! SDIKFFlaurels smaller

Buy it here:   Art’s Eye Movie 

Visit our cool website here Davide & Gabriel 

A fun 12 minutes short film about Art combined with fantastic stories.

A 25 minutes long artistic English lesson.
Made by children for Children.
Young filmmakers and artists Davide 9 and Gabriel 7

present this artistically inspirational English learning tool for children of age 3 – 9 years old.

It will encourage your kids to express themselves thruogh their own art master pieces and creativity. This tool is designed to help children learn English and became more interested in art while they play, dance and have fun.



This beautiful, fun, inspiring and super Artful 12 minutes movie shows the awesome creativity of 8 and 7 year old Davide and Gabriel. They are the creators of all digital art, all the colour prints, and the animation sequences. They also took all the still photos and 90% of the video. After watching the short film enjoy a fully creative English lesson, 25 minutes long to laugh, dance and learn.
Get your copy here

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Art's Eyes

Sylvia Love Johnson

Sylvia Love Johnson

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“The newborn was covered in blood, lying next to her mother. The woman had past away after giving birth the child, but she rose again. – They said that the crying of her baby snatched her from the clutches of death.”
Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream is the story of a super natural little girl  Selene, who leads the existance of four extraordinary children in a passionate journey into the discovery of self. The girls first meet during childhood, they relationship is bonded by magic. When  in their teens a tragedy hits them, while performing a  mysterious ritual, Selene falls into a deep coma that silences her for over a decade. The other girls are beheld as evil witches by the people in their village, they decide to take different life paths, trying not to look back, they leave. Yet their destiny sees them return to the tragic night, for unfinished business. They will travel to a world where dreams, fears, fantasy and illusion, create perfect reality. They will learn that from a place of darkness, they hold human destiny in their hands; Hekate will show them the way.
“Hekate, Mystic Dream”,  the Second Edition of  the Novel Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream, Will be out in your nearest store, soon. 
She Moon,  Love Spell is the a Short Experimental film based in this Novel. This short is now doing the 2013-2014 festival Tour.
Also in the works  “Hekate, Sueño Mistico” The Full length Feature film for this title. (screenplay  to be filmed in Spanish) in pre-production.
Sylvia Johnson, prepares the production of two shorts film during 2013, “The Lover” and “Montana Mischief”
Sylvia Johnson

2014 Adepts in the art of Wishing….

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Happy New Year 2014

May you be blessed with the fruit of the spirit, Joy…

Pure joy drives desire and impulses manifestation.
Whatever you wish for with love and joy its yours.
Joy is a state of mind, an orientation of the heart..

Magic joy is the springboard between our desires and us.
“Become young adepts of the art of wishing, the use of power of love is eminent, by mastering the constancy of life force we become one with all and everything is thus possible.
The knowledge of that peace and joy walk hand in hand enhances the trust in our hearts.
A settled assurance of a higher control in everything and for anything which is working in our favour is fervently imperative. A quiet confidence in the truth that we profess, the determined choice to be raptured in joyful delight simply smiling, smiling bright and wide.

i love you

Sylvia Love


May this year be the year that brings you the most happiness, love and true fulfilment. May your angels guide your heart at all times. May God fully manifest in every step you take along your journey. May you be filled with inspiration with love and with light.



Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream…

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I woke up from a dream in which there was only  Selene and darkness.

Her hair felt like silk caressing my skin, her red cheeks, warm, illuminating, filling the emptiness within.  Her  green eyes glowing intensely,  resembling bright emerald stars in the night. She blended in the shallowness of my dwelling place,  where I have lived  suspended in time for almost 10 years, existing; my chaotic flat  is the true representation of my mind.  It  perpetuates an intense and tormenting scent of jasmine blossom.

Once it was my favourite fragrance,  now it is impregnated on the walls,  impersonating the essence of my living,  from the a day I smashed  the perfume bottle  against the mirror. Irritation, impatience, infuriation and rage often  my true and  most faithful companions, and my comfortable, indulgent solitude . The  vexation deep in the heart and the longing, always the longing.  It’s hard to explain, the longing for someone or something that you miss, but  was never there.

Sometimes I picture myself running away from my head, determinedly fleeing from my thoughts. The reality is that there are memories one cannot scape,  nor forget, because the story I’m about to tell, I tell it not because I want to tell , but because I must, the story imprisoned, unjustly within our heads and hearts screams ever so loudly, now more than ever to be let out…


I heard her whispering my name.

Her laughter echoed in the dark; she woke me up.

Her breath caressed my senses,  her face was directly above me, her eyes staring into my soul, piercing.

The deliciously disturbing  and unexpected visit from my best friend made it impossible to go back to sleep, it was 4 o’clock in the morning,

Selene come back… I begged in the mists of a million thoughts and questions all mixed with fear, excitement and anxiety.

It was her ghost! was it not?  Selene is dead, or at least, she is not fully alive, has she just died? I will call her mother tomorrow to find out… I will call her mother tomorrow…

I repeated in my head, knowing there was not way that affirmation was going to get acted upon, the thought of it made me shiver..

Whenever I am under stress or in a bewildering and hostile situation, I feel instinctively drawn to water.  I also feel instinctively drawn to water when I’m happy and excited,  when I feel lonely or depressed, afraid or insecure. I do feel  drawn to water in any and may situations as a matter of fact.  I strongly believe that in another life I was a fish.

I made a bubble bath infusing it with lavender and rose petals, I sat on my bathtub; letting  my mind go,  thoughtless. Normally,  the middle of the night is the time when all my senses at their highest sensory vibrations.

I desired to feel Selene’s presence once again. I breathed in the fumes that emerged with the rich vapours of natural essence  and focused my eyes on the flame of the candle, it glowed soft and golden. I always rebuke myself, I know what fire can bring, but this time I wanted to let it in.

When I close my eyes after staring at fire my inner vision projects dazzling sparks of light flashing.

A while ago I decided to deny the manifestation of anything that reminds me of the magical unknown forces, paranormal occurrences, parallel pathways,  the art of wishing and desiring, love in its truest form,  all these practices and activities which I became so deeply acquainted with, during my childhood.

I plunge into the water with my eyes close, when  I open them still submerged; Selene’s ghostly figure reappears and assumes what seems an impossible posture above me.  She fits perfectly in the bath, hovering under  the water; her nose touching mine.  She flashes a mischievous grin and then she vanishes again, like the mist in the forest at dawn. I gasp, open  my mouth oblivious to the water, yelling…

Don’t go!

My childhood screams at me. Selene’s ghost leaves me in reveries which toke the form of unwanted thoughts; memories threatening to break the strict silence that they had kept in during many years….

Continue reading the preview 


Sylvia Johnson


He gave her the smile of a life time, with a stabbing glare to die for, but she, shyly, turned her eyes away from his wooing gesture, thus totally blocking future intention of pursuing any trace of romance, intimacy or love. She sworn to herself that, next time they crossed each other’s path in Avenue Pierre Loti, or any other street within their neighbourhood; she would serve him with the best of her smirks and spice it up with gaze that would certainly invite thoughts of passionate affairs, licit and indecent. She remembers this and sighs deeply, hopelessly; destiny has not yet given her the long awaited for “next time”. I wish he was a made up character, in one of my stories and I wish she was one of my tough and brave heroines, who goes through a vast amount trouble and turmoil during most of her life but in the end she gets all she wants or at least all she needs. Unfortunately he is a real man, by the name of Jean Baptiste, and she is me.But this story started long ago. The first time I had to confront desolated loving feelings. “You are not mature for love” Said Selene, The words felt like a dagger launched at my heart, or a sharp double edge sword, piercing my soul. All these years, painful as it is, I have allowed those words to remain nailed where she left them. I know that if I try to pull them out; my heart would most certainly disintegrate. It is save to leave the truth resting there, were it belongs. On that sunny day Selene and I were having a conversation about Alan Dreamt, the boy I was in love with throughout school my school years;  A. Dreamt was my very first emotional disaster. I chattered on about how I knew we were meant to be, but neither of us would do anything about it. I was nervous, my hands sweating, my mouth dry, feeling hopeless and totally terrified by the thunder storm of sensations that had invaded me.

 Selene had not said a word for a while, she listened . Love…. I heard her say from my state of wishful thinking, in reveries, then, she looked at and conjured the spell…

“Love from above shine here below Love of soul let her be whole Love in spirit be empty of all Love infinite be he adored Let love on earth be poured Let fear in her soul flee its hold May the Joy of love never be here untold”  The scent of sweet magic became visible in the form rose fragranced sparkles of light. I felt a sudden breeze, my knees trembled. A torrent of tears manifested pouring down my face. I could not explain the fear that so passionately swamped me. “You are not mature for love.” She threw this at me like it was a towel to dry my tears with.

“True love is the ultimate manifestation of God’s purpose for creating you. True love is the bond between two souls which were meant to be one, yet they split at the beginning of time so that in the search for each other they would learn the meaning of love, as it unfolds, for it is God’s will that we learn that we are love.

The bond of true love signifies God’s perfection and it is the fulfilment of the law. It is the blessing we are born to be”