Current Film Projects

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market " She Moon, Love Spell" by Sylvia Love Johnsonimdblogo

As an Independent Filmmaker and Producer I rely on your support to continue to create inspiring, beautiful and powerful pieces of art to amuse you, delight you, make you laugh make you cry make you love love live even more!

Your donation is deeply appreciated . Thank You!

Forgotten Paradise – Completed- Trailer  Davide & Gabriel 

A tale of magic and discovery from the children’s point of view.

She Moon, Love Spell

She Moon, Love Spell     Short Film     (Distribution) –

Music     –She Moon Experimental    –Press Release          –Clermont Ferrand –

Press Kit –  Full Movie 

“A writer recalls an encounter with her lover. The feelings evoked lead her to remember a chapter in her childhood when she was casted a love spell. Meanwhile she writes a new story about the magic bond of five chosen girls, with a higher purpose. The girls will cast a spell, during a full moon night, to affect humanity’s heart while we dream.”

She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson
She Moon, Love Spell a Experimental Film Sylvia Love Johnson

METHOD (Pre-Production)  Susie’s Poem –  Darkness V Light 

METHOD explores love in a superficial way, true love, fake love, falling in love falling out of love, obsessive love, love between siblings, the first love of a boy, the mother… The bond between brothers, drama, psychoanalysis and deception. In the race to prove the right to get the girl two brothers employ ”Method” to reveal each others darkest sides. Yet in the depths of the story we find a tragedy of lost love.

Using the theme Love in its many forms; love given, love taken, love rejected, lost love, illicit love, dangerous love, love in brotherly relationships, parental love, the love of art.

We explore the ‘actor’s process in character building; pointing at the value of real life experience within our art. We portray the idea of purposefully inhabiting and embracing the dark corners of our being and how that contributes to healing.

Our film tells a powerful story in a highly stylised manner with strong and compelling characters uncovering several plot surprises. We use our locations poetically with a new perspective in frames and angels. We employ a new vision. We explore emotion from the insightful discipline of ‘Method Acting’.

Art’s Eyes (Distribution) – The Making of – Trailer 

This beautiful, fun, inspiring and super Artful 12 minutes Movie shows the awesome creativity of 8 and 7 year olds Davide and Gabriel. They are the creators of all digital art, all the handprints, and the animation sequences. They also took all the still photos  and 90% of the video.


“Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream”, Feature Film (Pre- Production)  Novel  –Press Release 

“Montana Mischief”– Short Film (Pre-Production)

William Shakespeare’s The Lover”-  by Sylvia Johnson Short Film (Pre-Production)

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