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Forgotten Paradise- Trailer

 ForgottenBW1 copy

Forgotten Paradise Short Film – Video Clips

In search for the answer of some of the most important questions in life, two young boys 8 and 10 years old put into action their creative skills, they decide to make a film about fear and loneliness. Research, a spirit of adventure and pure child like reasoning results in a surprising turn of events. A hearty, emotionally uplifting comedy, with poetic elements of spiritual awakening. Visit the boys’ website here Davide & Gabriel 

Forgotten Paradise a Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson with Davide Dallago and Gabriel Dallago




METHOD, a short film in production.

METHO the Making of

She Moon Sylvia Art poster 4

Sylvia Love Johnson

She Moon, Love Spell

A writer recalls an encounter with whom she hopes to have a love affair. The feelings evoked lead her to remember a chapter in her childhood when she was casted a love spell. Meanwhile she writes a new story about the magic bond of five chosen girls, with a higher purpose. The girls will cast a spell, during a full moon night, to affect humanity’s heart while we dream.

Original music from the Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson “She Moon, Love Spell” Music composed by Tim Bond, The She Moon Song Lyrics by Sylvia Love Johnson, Voices: Rebecca Lacey, Athena LeFay, Masha Warning, Isabella Speight, Sylvia Love Johnson. Piano Piece “Selene” by Tim Bond.

A Film For Peace

The She Moon Song Sylvia Love Johnson

(Masha Warning, Charlottle Touboulic, Ellie Bindman, Melissa Sanger, Isabella Speight)

Environmental Awareness/ ETHICAL FASHION 

Fashion is a part of our culture our society our identity. How does fashion respect our home, planet Earth?

Atelier Tammam is a small traditional couture atelier (fashion studio and showroom) based in the heart of Bloomsbury, central London. They specialise in hand crafted, hand made, high quality bridal and evening wear.

Tammam is a label with design and style at its core they offer gowns that have been made by expert craftspeople treated ethically, using sustainable materials including vegetarian peace silks and vegan alternatives. We often recycle vintage laces and fabrics and up cycle some modern materials. Tammam is a multi award winning designer label, a trailblazer of modern production and sourcing practices while staying true to the crafts of dressmaking, creative pattern cutting and hand sewing.

SDIKFFlaurels smaller

ART’S EYES  (Full Movie)

This beautiful, fun, inspiring and super Artful 12 minutes Movie shows the awesome creativity of 8 and 7 year olds Davide and Gabriel. They are the creators of all digital art, all the handprints, and the animation sequences. They also took all the still photos  and 90% of the video.



Sylvia  L Johnson, UK SJ Creation Works

A comedy with a strong love element, built around a dead end race and a monotonous cafe conversation full of those little things which make life extra weird.Cast:  Sylvia Johnson, Oliver Jolliffe, Charlotte Luxford, Patrice Ledwith, Fred Simpson, Danny Darren.



“Conectats” Award Winning  TV Series in Barcelona 


The Explorers Short film, a day into the extraordinary lives of 2 young boys Davide and Gabriel. Directed by Sylvia  Love Johnson their mother.

La Tentación de los Espíritus  

Theatre play by Inongo vi Makomè

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