Green Fashion Venture

eco and organic clothing

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Green Fashion Venture  

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What we wear  is the wallpaper of our soul. The amazing, forward thinking, ever growing, fast developing society we live in, the generation of today wants to wear better and best and so we deserve.

We have created amazing artistic fashion designs, gathered the manufacturing partners; organic fabric farmers, natural based dyes specialists and crafted cut and trim tailors. We have researched the best screen printing technologies and now we are in the process  of setting the new clothing/fashion standards for today’s casual and active wear. We are now sampling our collections, with beautiful, fashionable, trendy, colourful garments for children men and women, high quality and highly eco- conscious. We are not just investing in a fashion business we are investing in the health of our family and in the ultimate wellbeing of our planet, we are investing in sustainability and in the preserving of the environment.

We design 100% Certified Organic Cotton, clothing using natural dyes, screen prints of impressive art work, our pieces are already very popular amongst the potential clients we have met during our pre-launch surveys, campaign and market research. People from all walks of life love our products and also the idea of helping preserve the environment by wearing trendy and artistic, sound and healthy pieces at  affordable prices.

Market Research: During the research  conducted over the past 8 months, in the open craft markets we interviewed  target customers, with simple questions about our products, this  has  helped identify  their preferences, the potential returning customers, the value of their shopping basket, their favourite garments, which products will be the most popular when we launch and who exactly will buy from us. The children and women’s wear collections are the most popular; parents with children 5-13 years old, professional women aged 25-45  and students 18 – 25 are the most enthusiastic. Our men’s wear collection appeals to a defined section of the male population, mainly artists 25-40 years old, and young students 16 – 20 years old.

Fashion directly contributes nearly £21 billion to the UK economy. It also has an indirect economic impact, in encouraging spending in other industries, of over £16 billion. That equals a total impact of £37 billion. The industry employs nearly a million people, across a wide spectrum of roles, and provides diverse opportunities for young people – a critical issue given the growing concern about employment opportunities for the next generation.


eco and organic clothing

Fundamentally the difference between our brand and many high couture designers is that we are accessible to the everyday shopper from all walks of life, providing trendy wear for men, women and men while staying true to our commitment to preserve the environment.  Currently, there is very little in-town competition and none of them have the presence we are planning to have nor the high quality certified production. Absolutely no competitors have anything near our style in designs.

We are on Demand  Our research has demonstrated that there is an increase in the demand for organic fabrics for home and clothing. We have conducted detailed surveys in which our potential clients were asked to choose amongst our products deciding their favourites as well as indicating their concerns for the environment and shared about how they would like to contribute by switching to organic in fashion if that choice was easily accessible.

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification tag assures the purchaser that from seed to field, from processing to manufacturing, sustainable practices are used.

The World Health Organisation estimates 20,000 deaths annually due to pesticide poisoning in developing countries.

Eco- Fashion is rapidly moving in, although at its beginnings is just a matter of time before switching to organic becomes the norm and expected from all clothing manufactures, labels and designers.

Our new clothing brand  is committed to preserving the environment with 100% Organic products.  Four collections of colourful, romantic and slogan full clothing, that promise comfort as well as sound and healthy eco- wearing.



  •  eco and organic clothing
  • eco and organic clothing

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