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HECATE provides a customised film distribution service for Indie short films and features, from all genres and categories, fiction, documentaries, animation, children, music, and video art. We design creative distribution strategies customised to your film’s content and target audience.

We place your film in online and offline platforms/venues to make sure it is accessible to audiences with strategic communications tools.Traditionally this involves securing a theatrical release, national and international television broadcast, a festival tour and DVD sales.

There are also various effective non-traditional methods, such as online streaming portals and a growing number of community screening venues, these, depending on your project, can be more profitable and satisfying than traditional distribution.

At HECATE we assess your project and provide all the services needed for maximum exposure.

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 hecate film distribution service

Film Distribution Strategy

Depending on your goals as a filmmaker/producer you need to define a distribution strategy. It is important to know what are your aims; a career launch, to raise funds for your next project, industry networking, to build a large fan based platform, to make an impact in the world.

Planning your distribution strategy at an early stage is vital.

Theatrical release, film festival touring, national television, self-distribution of home/community DVD, educational distribution to universities and colleges, strategic screenings, partnerships with NOGs and non-profits, reaching activists groups who connect with your film.

Know what you want from your project, be clear about your film’s qualities and unique attributes. Identify your potential audience. Use your resources (time/money) wisely 50% goes to making the film the other 50% must got to marketing and distribution.

At HECATE we can assist you with the release of you film putting at your disposal marketing, press and publicity, event planning and programming and various forms of distributing your film to large audiences depending on your goals.

Festival Submissions

There are nearly 3000 international film festivals worldwide, with a potential audience of over 800,000 people.  Festivals provide industry networking opportunities, in occasions, large cash prizes, worldwide travel experiences, some of the most important festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Venice, Rotterdam, Tribeca, Berlin) provide a kick start for your career launch.

You also find invaluable seminars and master classes.

HECATE helps you determine the festivals are best suited for you project. We free you from the time consuming task of filling submission forms while maximising your chances of exposure in festivals and film markets with over 50 festival submissions with your Diamond Package.

Complete Press Kit

Your press kit is your fundamental “sales kit”; film stills, poster, trailer, cast and crew bios, film synopsis, tagline, press releases, anecdotes etc. It is wise to gather the material for you press kit during production and post production.  can help you improve your press kit producing outstanding  posters, trailers, website, a “making of video”, merchandise and everything that will help you sell your film. We look after your IMDB page.

PR, Press and Publicity

We use our network to publicise your film. With HECATE you are subscribed to a to one of the top Press Release distribution services. We write weekly press releases about your film and distribute them in the Internet. We contact industry journalists and publications directly to let them know about your film news.

Social Media

With our growing Social Media network with an audience of over 50,000 we promote your film in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We believe in creating a Social Media Buzz that ensures people know about your film. We run sponsored ads with your trailer and film stills throughout the duration of our Distribution Service.

Event Planning and Programming

Once we determine your theatrical release or your community venue screening tour strategy, we organise every detail for all distribution related events, from programming venues to DVD and merchandise production to promotional parties and special screenings.

DVD Sales Strategy

There are diverse ways of selling your DVD. After carefully assessing your project and its potential we create your DVD sales strategy. This can involve distribution on different platforms, such as educational, non-profit, NGOs, online DVD store, retail stores and sales at events.

International Sales Agent

Our International Sales Agent Service is exclusive to feature films with great sales potential; included only in our Diamond Package. We charge 20% commission on sales. We pitch your film/project to TV Broadcasters and Exhibitors around the world. We ensure that the right people come to your screenings.

hecate film distribution service

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