film distribution  We offer the press, publicity and the media buzz you need to ensure a good Film Release, wether it be Theatrical or non Theatrical. We asses your project to create the best distribution strategy deepening on your film and your purpose as a filmmaker/producer….   HECATE Film Distribution Service

ethical fashion     According to Earth Pledge, a non-profit organisation  (NPO) committed to promoting and supporting sustainable development, “at least 8,000 chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles, 25% of the world’s pesticides are used to grow non-organic cotton. This causes irreversible damage to people and the environment.. continue reading…  100% Organic Cotton

ethical fashion  Symbolism, design, themes, music score and character study.The creation process of a story of character, portraying the necessity for constant renewal. Our characters try to reconcile the darkest side of their soul with the light that surrounds them yet some can’t or won’t watch our making of video …METHOD: Anatomy of the Creation Process


ethical fashionTen years ago, while going jogging by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Sylvia had a vision. It was the vision of a movement, through this movement humanity would change the course of its destiny for ever… The Story behind She Moon, Love Spell   She Moon, Love Spell 2014

eco clothingSelene Hekate. Mystic Dream I heard her whispering my name.

Her laughter echoed in the dark; she woke me up. It was 4 am, I felt her breath caress my skin, I saw her face, and then she laughed.  Her deliciously disturbing, unexpected apparition made it impossible to go back to sleep.

Whenever I am under stress or in a bewildering and hostile situation, I feel instinctively drawn to water. I prepared a bubble bath infused with lavender and rose petals and I comfortably sat on my bathtub, in the middle of the night, with my mind wondering, thoughtless, all my senses were at high peak, I desired to feel Selene’s being once again.  I breathed in the fumes that emerged with the rich steam of natural essence and I focused my eyes on the flame of the candle that lit the bathroom; it glowed soft and golden.

Read and Extract from the Novel by Sylvia Love Johnson  Selene Hekate. Mystic Dream

eco fashionread about ...The Making of Art’s Eyes

eco fashion
Official Selection:
San Diego International Kids Film Festiva l

GEt your  copy here:

Official Selection: San Diego International Kids Film Festival 2013

We are delighted to announce that our film Art’s Eyes will be screen at the prestigious Kids Film Festival, San Diego International Kids Film Festival.

The San Diego International Kid’s Film Festival promotes the idea of entertainment with education. Supported by many across the world, the festival supports the entertainment and education industries by showcasing international films, and gives young, aspiring filmmakers a channel to communicate to an international community. The resulting collaboration produces a unique multi-cultural experience, engaging young viewers with positive media, as a diverse education.

eco fashionSylvia Love Johnson Looks to Raise Funds Through Kickstarter for Her Film Mystic Dream (via SBWire)

Mystic dream is a feature film based on a novel, about the power of love, a greater source for conquering the dreams of humanity, the eternal paradise. London, UK — (SBWIRE) — 04/22/2013 — This project is to fund a feature film based on “Selene Hekate Mystic Dream”, a Novel by Sylvia L.Johnson.…

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