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In search for the answers of some of the most important questions in life, two young boys 8 and 10 years old put into action their creative skills, they decide to make a film about fear and loneliness. Research, a spirit of adventure and pure child like reasoning results in a surprising turn of events. A hearty, emotionally uplifting comedy, with poetic elements of spiritual awakening.

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“When we are small children, just- arrived- in- the -planet people, we know things which we gradually forget as we grow up. This is why I chose to open Forgotten Paradise with images of my children when they were babies: There was absolutely no limit to the fun and the creativity they could experience, no boundaries for growth and development, there was absolutely nothing wrong in life, the adventure had just started and it was to be fully enjoyed. This is clear when you watch babies; there is the constant drive to discover and to learn. That is paradise, children’s paradise can often be polluted by adults, yet during the initial first years of life, chances are that kids will still remember and hold on to the fact that their potential is limitless, this is how we are born, this is how we are made. This is how we are supposed to stay. The main thing was to find beautiful picturesque spots to create striking frames where to place our story, we got some good ones but I was left feeling that I needed to spend much more time on this task, days, even months of taking photographs in locations with my cast, before filming. Finding the perfect image frame by frame. It is a crucial necessity of spend time and give as much thought as passion to image composition, finding immaculate frames that reveal the magic of light and color blended with mood and concept during the process of creation. Art is a mixture of hard work, intuition, luck and magic all driven by passion or love which are to many effects one and the same thing.”

Davide Dallago IMG_0049

Davide Dallago was born in the Canary Islands in 2004. He is a great artists, he plays drums, he loves filmmaking and photography. He has many talents including singing and street dance. He loves sports and excels in basketball. He is passionate about Anime. He has learnt to create his own cool animations with different apps. His dream is to be an Scientist Engineer so he can build the ultimate Eco-Car, a car that will run purely on solar energy. He is clear about the fact that his purpose in this planet is to help others. He also wants to continue to work as an actor and filmmaker. He has produced impressive photography work. His art work pieces always get picked to be shown to the school Headmaster. He is a great student, his academic results are always ‘excellent’. He is loving and caring, a very sensitive 10 year old child. Forgotten Paradise is his third film. He has credits as Actor, writer and filmmaker for the award winner short film “Art’s Eyes” 2013 His previous work includes another short film “The Explorers” 2011.

Gabriel Dallago IMG_0041

Gabriel is 8 years old he was born in the Canary Island in 2005. Gabriel is an intrinsic creative child, always finding new ways of producing new master pieces with any material he finds at home. He loves and excels at street dance and singing. He plays basketball and he is learning to play the piano.  He is always sharing his dreams and has decided he wants to be an actor and an inventor. He wants to became a Doctor in Science Engineering and invent a machine that cleans the air. He is very clear about the fact that his purpose is to help humanity. He often speaks of the plans he has for his future creations. He also wants to be a filmmaker and he already has several stories he wants to share with the world. He is a natural inventing characters and telling stories that both, make us laugh and warm our hearts. At school he always wins rewards for his caring nature and good behaviour. He is a brilliant student, his school results are always ‘excellent;  His first film credits includes “The Explorers” an adventure short film. He is one of the creators of “Art’s Eyes” 2013, winer of the a Award “Best Produced Kids Film” at the San Diego International Kids Film Festival 2013.

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Horst: Photographer of Style

Art & Culture, Fashion

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 6th September 2014- 4th January 2015

‘Your photographs are sheer genius and delight my soul … each one is perfect by itself.’ Main Rousseaur Bocher (1890-1976)

These were the words expressed by the famous haute couture designer, decades after Horst P. Horst (1906-1999) produced his most acclaimed photograph Mainbocher Corset (1939). The picture, erotic and mysterious, reveals the photographer’s classical sculpture influences.

One of the greatest fashion photographers of the 20th century, Horst P. Horst, captured the image of Hollywood’s brightest stars “the new royalty” during the 1930s, amongst them where Rita Heyworth, Bette Davis, Vivian Leigh, Noël Coward, Ginger Rogers, Marline Dietrich and Joan Crawford. During the Post war period, he photographed every First Lady of the USA.

mainbocher_corsetMainbocher Corset (pink satin corset by Detolle), Paris, 1939. © Condé Nast:Horst Estate

mainbocher_corsetMainbocher Corset (pink satin corset by Detolle), Paris, 1939. © Condé Nast:Horst Estate

A major retrospective featuring a total of 250 images from all stages of his highly influential 60-year career, is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The exhibition celebrates Horst work at the heart of the fashion industry in Paris and New York. It uses a selection of Haute Couture garments, film, and magazines, offering an exciting insight into the world of glamour that surrounded the life of the visual artist.

The German born American citizen was the creator of more than 90 Vogue covers and collaborated with Coco Chanel for several decades. Photography, design, theatre, fashion, art and high society were the world he inhabited, while he played and important role in shaping the photographic aesthetic of his era.
Acclaimed for his dramatic use of light he became one of the first photographers to perfect new color techniques in the 1930s.
The exhibition displays vintage photographs from the archive of Paris Vogue alongside garments by Channel, Lavin, Molyneux and Vionnet.

The Surrealist art movement looked into ways of interpreting the life turning to dreams and the unconscious for inspiration and expression.
During the 1930s Surrealism left its radical avant-garde roots to serve for the transformation and innovation in the fields design, fashion, advertising, theatre and film.
Horst’s photographs of this period feature mysterious, whimsical and surreal elements combined with his classical aesthetic. The exhibition explores his studies and collaborations with Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiapareli.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London 6 de septiembre al 04 de enero

“Tus fotografías son pura genialidad y deleitan mi alma … cada una es perfecta en sí misma”. Main Rousseaur Bocher (1890-1976)

Las palabras expresadas por el famoso diseñador de alta costura, décadas después de Horst P. Horst (1906-1999) produjese la aclamada fotografía “Corsé Mainbocher” (1939). La imagen, erótica y misteriosa, revela las influencias de escultura clásica en el fotógrafo.

Durante la década de 1930 Horst P. Horst, fotografió a las estrellas más brillantes de Hollywood ” la nueva realeza “, Rita Heyworth, Bette Davis, Vivian Leigh, Noël Coward, Ginger Rogers, Merlin Dietrich y Joan Crawford. Durante el período de la post-guerra el fotógrafo captura la imagen de cada una de las Primera Dama de los EE.UU.

El ciudadano estadounidense de origen alemán fue el creador de más de 90 portadas de Vogue y colaboró ​​con Coco Channel durante varias décadas.

Aclamado por su uso dramático de la luz se convirtió en uno de los primeros fotógrafos en perfeccionar nuevas técnicas de color.

Durante la década de 1930 el movimiento de arte surrealista dejó sus raíces radicales de vanguardia para ponerse al servicio de la transformación del diseño, la moda, la publicidad, el teatro y el cine. La exposición en al VAM explora los estudios y colaboraciones de Horst con Salvador Dalí y Elsa Schiapareli.

Dreamlike Self-portraits by JeeYoung Lee

Art & Culture

JeeYoung Lee creates highly stylized sceneries that demand a vast amount of patience, she uses absolutely no photo manipulation. During weeks, sometimes months, JeeYoung Lee works in her modest 360 x 410 x 240 cm studio building worlds that go against all logic. The artist places herself amongst her set, her works are always self-portraits. She finds inspiration in her personal life and old Korean fables.
Since 2007, Lee JeeYoung shoots the manifestation of her heart, she turns her dreams and memories into a reality that we perceive as astonishing works of art. The limitations of the conventional photographic medium leads her to add plastic creativity and theatrical performance to her pieces. Her work show the need of expression and interrogation of reality.
Her creative pieces serve as a catharsis which helps her accept society’s repression and frustrations. During the process of creation, while building her set, the artist meditates about the causes of her interior conflicts and hence exercises them; once she experiences them, they become portents of hope.
Winner of multiple artistic awards including the Sovereign Art Prize (2012), Jee Young Lee is one of the most promising up-and-rising figureheads of the younger Korean artistic world. Following the huge success of her first solo show outside of Korea with OPIOM Gallery in 2014, her work was seen 500 000 times on Reddit in just 2 days and has been featured in the worldwide media from the USA to China (all international editions of the Huffington Post, NBC news, CNN international, France 3 National news, China Daily, etc.).

Virtual Gallery 

Jee Young Lee crea escenarios altamente estilizados. Durante semanas, a veces meses, JeeYoung Lee trabaja en su modesto estudio de 360 x 410 x 240 cm. La artista construye mundos que se alzan contra toda lógica para luego se introducirse a sí misma sus montajes. Sus obras son autorretratos.

Desde 2007, Lee JeeYoung toma fotografías de la manifestación de su corazón, convierte sus sueños y recuerdos en una realidad mágica.

Sus piezas creativas sirven como una catarsis que le ayuda a aceptar la represión y las frustraciones de la sociedad; Durante el proceso de creación, la artista reflexiona sobre las causas de sus conflictos internos y así los exorciza; una vez experimentados, se convierten en presagios de esperanza.

Ganadora de varios premios artísticos como el Premio Arte Sovereign (2012), Su trabajo fue visto en Reddit 500 000 veces en sólo 2 días y ha aparecido en los medios de comunicación en todo el mundo desde los EE.UU. a China

Ray Ceaser Art

Art & Culture

When I first encountered with Ray’s work a clear definition of art arose in me for the very first time. I was instantly seduced and trapped in the soul of the artist readily desiring to remain captive in his world, eternally in awe and forever wondering in the mystery it evoked. The word obsession loses its meaning when it comes to my passion for Ray’s art.

London born Ray Ceaser, (1958) is a visual surrealist artist and digital painter who resides in Toronto, Canada.
After graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Caesar worked in the Art and Photography department of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, there he documented various child inflictions in a diverstiy of sketches. This experience was the beginning of his inspiration. He started creating surreal landscapes and characters with detailed and compelling features.

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Most people think he paints little girls, to this he says….

“Actually they are not all little girls. Many of them are little boys too such as the Prince of Truth, Castor and Pollux, Harvest and many of them are boys in dresses ….”

…”.People think I paint pictures of children… I don’t! I paint pictures of the human soul… that alluring image of the hidden part of ourselves… some call them ghosts or spirits but I see them as the image of who we truly are, made manifest with all the objects and bruises that filled the story of each life.”

“My work is mainly about the Archetype of the Divine Child… the Christ figure in all its forms, as to me this represents spiritual growth. The children in my work are actually a form of self portrait, and as an artist the feminine is a more accurate picture of the nature of the soul… of my soul… that which gives birth to creation.”

Caesar creates dreamy images with the 3D modeling software Maya
Beautiful. Full of meaning and expression, pure and alive art… I’ve fallen in Love..

Cuando me encontré por primera vez con la obra de Ray Caeser la definición clara y concisa de lo que es ‘arte’ surgió en mí por primera vez. Caeser me sedujo al instante, me atrapó en su alma, me dejó deseosa de permanecer cautiva en su mundo.

El londinense Ray Caesar (1958) es un artista visual surrealista y pintor digital que reside en Toronto, Canadá.

Después de graduarse en el Ontario College of Art & Design, Caesar trabajó en el Departamento de Arte y Fotografía del Hospital infantil de Toronto. Allí documentó diversas enfermedades con bocetos de niños enfermos. Esta experiencia fue el comienzo de su inspiración, empezó a crear paisajes surrealistas y personajes con características sublimes.

“Pinto cuadros del alma humana … la seductora imagen de la parte oculta en el ser … algunos los llaman fantasmas o espíritus, pero yo los veo como la imagen de lo que realmente somos, esta se manifiesta con todos los objetos y contusiones que llenan la historia de cada vida. ” Ray Caeser


Art & Culture

“Nature itself is art and is the most beautiful thing you can create.” Moki Mioke

German / Japanese artist Moki Mioke works with various styles and techniques: Surreal paintings, comics, animation, and performance figures. Her acrylic paintings are inspired by Japanese anime of Hayao Miyazaki, as well as beautiful landscapes. Moki Mioke believes that nature itself is one of the most beautiful artistic creations we have.
The fancy of the painter are a feast that serves the five senses. The characters in her paintings blend with nature as if becoming an intrinsic part of it, her art satisfies our basic instinct in the deep desire to be ‘one’ with our planet. In the world of Moki, nature surpasses human beings, but with kindness and affection. Thus the artist distorts reality with a touch of mystic.
 MOKi MIOKE’s Art 

“La naturaleza en si es arte y es lo más hermoso que se puede crear.” Moki Mioke

La artista alemana / japonesa Moki Mioke trabaja con varios estilos y técnicas: pinturas surrealista, comics, animación y performance. Sus pinturas acrílicas se inspiran en el anime japonés de Hayao Miyazaki, así como en hermosos paisajes naturales. Las fantasías de la pintora son un festín que sirve a los cinco sentidos. Los personajes en sus cuadros se mezclan con la naturaleza como si convertirse en una parte intrínseca de la misma, su arte satisface nuestro instinto básico en el deseo profundo de ser ‘uno’ con nuestro planeta. En el mundo de Moki, la naturaleza sobre pasa al ser humano, pero con dulzura y cariño. De este modo la artista distorsiona la realidad, con un su toque de místico. Cuando el arte afecta a la realidad se crea una nueva realidad.

Bijou Karman: Moody and Beautiful

Art & Culture, Fashion

Los Angeles based talented illustrator Bijou Karman leaves us wondering about the lives of her inspirational characters. The artist works for brands such as of Comme des Garcon, Marc Jacobs or Marni. Her unique stylish fashion illustrations send us into a world we long to discover, her girl characters wearing interesting outfits and posing with mysterious moods and attitudes; they are adventurous, dreamy and melancholic.
Her work inspires a line of thought defining ‘art’ it reminds me the necessity we have to be participant in art, be it by creating it or admiring it, less we become passive in growth and reluctant in awareness thus neglecting our true potential as people.
Reality affected by art turns into a new reality. Art offers new ways of seen the world. From a different perspective new behavior patterns are proposed. Through art, our relationship with reality is open to questioning and doubt thus change and innovation.

El talento de la ilustradora de Los Ángeles Bijou Karma, nos inspira dejándonos intrigadas con sus personajes. La artista ha trabajado para firmas como Comme des Garcon , Marc Jacobs o Marni entre otras. Sus ilustraciones, únicas, nos trasladan a un mundo que anhelamos descubrir. Las chicas que dibuja, son cautivadoras, con sus trajes interesantes, estados de ánimo y actitudes misteriosas; aventureras, soñadoras y melancólicas.

El trabajo de Bijou inspira una línea de pensamiento que define el ‘Arte’, nos recuerda la necesidad que tenemos de ser participes el mismo ya sea mediante la creación o la admiración, a menos que deseemos permanecer pasivos en nuestro crecimiento y dejados en la toma de conciencia, descuidando así nuestro verdadero potencial como personas.

El arte proponen nuevos patrones de comportamiento. A través del arte, nuestra relación con la vida está abierta a la inquisición y la duda por lo tanto al cambio y la innovación.


Art & Culture

The duo Julia Galdo, and Gody Cloud, created the creative brand JUCO after meeting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. Their collaboration started as University assignments while completing their studies. After graduating they continued working together and since they have shot for Apple, Marie Clair, Nike, K Swiss and the New Yorker. They employ an exquisite aesthetic, impeccable composition, youthful and bright, their experimental images highly stylised show a fresh approach colour and beauty. Nearing the surreal yet maintaining unique realism, they take their inspiration from film, music and people. They invite us to a feast in their playful vision of the world.


Dos Creativos Una Visón

El Julia Galdo (1984) y Gody Nube (1977) , crean la marca creativa JUCO tras conocerse en el San Francisco Art Institute en 2002. Su colaboración comenzó de compañeros de la universidad trabajando en proyectos mientras que terminaban sus estudios. Después de graduarse continuaron trabajando juntos y desde entonces ya han tomado fotos para Apple, Marie Clair, Nike, K-Swiss y The New Yorker. Emplean una estética exquisita, una composición impecable, fresca y brillante, sus imágenes experimentales con estilo único resaltan simple belleza y pura armonía en su entorno allí donde la encuentran. Se acercan a lo surrealista pero mantienen un realismo palpable y poderoso, ofreciendo una perspectiva diferente y mágica. Los artistas se inspiran en el cine, la música y la gente que les rodea. Con sus imágenes nos invitan al festejo de su visión lúdica del mundo.



Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album

Art & Culture

Royal Academy of Arts, London,  26th June- 19th October 2014

Film Legend Dennis Hopper, who memorably played a demented Vietnam War photojournalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979) . The Naturally gifted photographer, was encouraged to take his photography seriously by James Dean when they worked together in Rebel without a Cause, 1955. Hopper became synonymous with the rebellious spirit of the 1960’s counterculture with his 1969 Easy Rider.

His turbulent life style led him to being blacklisted by Hollywood during the early 60s, it was then that photography became his main creative outlet, he worked at it obsessively, shooting around 18,000 photographs over 6 years.

From Hell’s Angels to the hippies to the Streets of Harlem, he records American culture of the 60s

His photography includes spontaneous and poetic portraits of many cultural creative figures of the time, including Paul Newman, David Hockney, Andy Warhol and Jane Fonda. Playful shots of family and friends contrasted by images of the tensions and darker flashpoints of this decade of upheaval and confrontation including the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery at the heigh of the Civil Rights Movement when Hopper and his camera accompanied Martin Luther King Jr.

Dennis Hopper

La fotografía era un talento nato en Dennis Hopper (1936-2010) el legendario actor que interpreta al inolvidable fotoperiodista demente, en la película de Francis Ford Coppola Apocalipsis Ahora (1979).

Hopper pasa a ser sinónimo del espíritu rebelde de la década de los 60, con su película Buscando mi Destino (1969). Hollywood le pone en la ‘lista negra’ debido al turbulento estilo de vida que lleva. Es entonces cuando Hopper se centra en la fotografía . Toma alrededor de 18.000 fotos en seis años. De los Ángeles del Infierno a los Hippies a las Calles de Harlem, el artista no se salta detalle para dejar grabada en imágenes la cultura americana de los 60.

Retratos espontáneos de figuras creativas de la época, tales como a Paul Newman, David Hockney, Andy Warhol y Jane Fonda. Fotos divertidas que contrastan con las imágenes de las tensiones y conflictos de la era, momentos tales como durante la marcha de Selma a Montgomery, en 1965, en pleno auge del Movimiento de Derechos Civiles, Hopper y su cámara acompañan Martin Luther King Jr.

Dennis Hopper 

Barbara Kruger: Text Culture

Art & Culture

“I shop therefore I am”  “Money can buy you Love”  “Your body is a battle ground”


Barbara Kruger, one of the most high profile artists of the 1980s with her provocative text based art investigates the power in popular culture the technological advances in communications, the excessive flow of information, and the realisation of how disastrous the consequences can be for the economy, our society and for the environment. Over the years Kruger’s art has served to forecasts as the result of globalised consumerism.

Her well known snappy phraseology can be interpreted as the antithesis of our present text culture.

In her solo exposition at the Modern Art Oxford Words the highly stylised and graphic work is abstract merely for its size. It covers floors, walls and ceiling. The setting actively engages the viewer by forcing them to move around and to constantly change their perspective. During the course of her career Barbara Kruger has attracted critical and popular attention around the world with her distinctive red and black slogans.

After graduating from Parsons The New School for Design in 1965, in her pursuit of a career in graphic design she spent several years at Conde Nast exploring their magazines while challenging the materialistic objectification of women, and the emptiness of the consumerist idyll that the publication glamorised. The essence of Kruger’s work lies in its criticism of our capitalist consumerist society. Kruger makes use of the city of Oxford identity as a place of academia and achievement. Exhibiting her art in the seat of global intellectual influence perhaps, grants her the opportunity to incubate ideas in the mind of an audience with the potential to make a difference in our world.

Modern Art Oxford 

2014-08-21 10.56.03 2014-08-21 10.57.50

Barbara Kruger “ TEXTO-CULTURA”

Modern Art Oxford

“Compro, Luego Existo” Barbara Kruger

Artista destacada de los años 80, nacida en 1945. Su provocativo trabajo textual investiga el poder en la cultura popular de hoy en día; los avances tecnológicos en las comunicaciones, el flujo excesivo de información y lo desastrosas que pueden llegar a ser consecuencias para la economía, la sociedad y el medio ambiente.

Kruger, anuncia el resultado del consumismo globalizado propio hoy. Su fraseología puede interpretarse como la antítesis de nuestra ‘texto- cultura’: (SMS, twitter, etc.)

Isamaya Ffrench: The Art of Make Up

Art & Culture

Make up Artist , Illustrator and New Beauty Editor of I-D Magazine has amazed us with her face an body art. The painterly attribute in her work exhibits smeared metallic shades, glossy lids and colour brows her style tends towards the incomplete. ‘Imperfections Evoke an Emotional response, that’s what I’m after that is what, art is all about. In my artistic work, I try to capture a little emotion, or add a little context to my designs and materials. Also, I tend to use only natural materials, like [I did] in my beauty story for this issue of The Hunger. Because who doesn’t love a floral beard?”

Make Up Artist

La Maquilladora, Ilustradora y nueva Editora de Belleza de ID Magazine Isamaya Ffrench nos sorprende con su arte corporal y de maquillaje. El atributo pictórico en su trabajo exhibe rostros metálicos, parpados brillantes y cejas llamativas. Su estilo tiende hacia lo incompleto. “Las imperfecciones evocan una respuesta emocional, eso es lo que busco de eso va el arte” “En mi obra artística, trato de capturar un poco de emoción, o añadir un poco de contexto a mis diseños y materiales. Además, tiendo a usar sólo materiales naturales…” 

 Isamaya Ffrench   also in instragram 


Greg Kadel for Vogue Italia

Art & Culture

“Even though fixed in time, a photograph evokes as much feeling as that which comes from music or dance. Whatever the mode – from the snapshot to the decisive moment to multi-media montage – the intent and purpose of photography is to render in visual terms feelings and experiences that often elude the ability of words to describe. In any case, the eyes have it, and the imagination will always soar farther than was expected.” – Ralph Gibson

Colour, style and beauty with outstanding imagery,  Greg Kadel, one of the most accomplished fashion photographers working today in  his Editorial for Vogue Italy March 2014, creates a Molotov cocktail of  fashion trends, innovation, originality, passion and desire.   He blends  intense colour settings and mindfully directed poses,  perfectly lit contrast, simple beauty, sleek hair cuts, bright lips  and sex appeal.

” A pesar de quedar fija en el tiempo , una fotografía evoca tanta sensación como la que proviene de la música o la danza. Sea cual sea el modo – desde la instantánea al momento decisivo del montaje para multi-media – la intención y el propósito de la fotografía es rendir, en términos visuales, sentimientos y experiencias que a menudo escapan a la capacidad de las palabras. En cualquier caso, los ojos la capturan, y la imaginación siempre se disparan más lejos de lo esperado ” – . Ralph Gibson

Color, estilo y belleza, le definen, Greg Kadel  es uno de los grandes fotógrafos del mundo de la moda que trabajan hoy en día. Su editorial para Vogue Italia de Marzo 2014  es un cóctel Molotov de tendencias de moda , innovación ,  originalidad , pasión y deseo. Contrasta perfectamente iluminado combinando simple belleza, cortes de pelo estilos,  labios brillantes y atractivo sexual.

Erwin Olaf : The Art of Photography

Art & Culture

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective”. – Irving Penn

Erwin Olaf Born was born in 1959 in Hilversum the Netherlands. Olaf’s visually sophisticated and conceptually provocative style is enduring and unique. His art investigates and exposes that which is hidden; it lets the subconscious mind examine elements in society, which are frequently dismissed. He eloquently reveals aspects in life that are overlooked. His highly aesthetic imagery delivers dramatic visual and emotional impact.  Erwin Olaf’s scenography design is impeccable in all his compositions. Hi style, passionate and mysterious, conceives immaculate scenarios. His photography work captures the essence of contemporary life. Olaf emerged in the international art scene in 1988 when his series “Chessmen” was awarded the first prize in the Young European Photographer competition.  In his previous work he focused on  the subject of social exclusion; Olaf was deliberately disturbing with the intention of raising awareness. He was dedicated to exploring issues of class, race, sexual taste, beliefs, habits and grace.

Erwin Olaf: Berlin 

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” Una buena fotografía es la que comunica un hecho, toca el corazón y deja al espectador una persona cambiada por tan solo haberla observado. Es, en una palabra, eficaz ” . – Irving Penn”

Erwin Olaf  nació en 1959 en Holanda, vive en Ámsterdam. El estilo sofisticado y conceptualmente provocador de Olaf es perdurable y único. Su arte investiga y expone aquello que está oculto; permite que nuestro  subconsciente examine los elementos en nuestra sociedad que con frecuencia se descartan o se rechazan. Olaf, elocuentemente revela aspectos de la vida que se pasan por alto como si no existieran. Sus imágenes, de alta estética, ofrecen un impacto visual y emocional dramático. Su diseño de imaginería es llamativo e impecable en todas sus composiciones.  Olaf, sin duda, con pasión y un aire de misterio concibe escenarios inmaculados . Su fotografía captura la esencia de la vida contemporánea. Olaf emergió en la escena artística internacional en 1988, cuando fue galardonado por su serie de “Piezas de Ajedrez “ con el primer premio del concurso “Joven fotógrafo Europeo”. En su trabajo anterior se centró en el tema de la exclusión social; sus  imágenes son deliberadamente perturbadoras con la intención sensibilizar a su audiencia. Olaf dedica a explorar los temas de  clase social , raza, inclinación sexual , creencias religiosas, hábitos y gracia.


Jack Hughes “Classy and Modern”

Art & Culture

Richard Hamilton, (1922-2011) one of the most influential and celebrated British and international artists of the 20th Century is considered the founder and father of Pop Art, his definition, in 1957, established this international movement; in his words Pop Art should be “Popular, transient, expendable, low-cost, mass –produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous and big business” Jack Hughes illustrations are novel, exhilarating, and stimulating.  His beautifully stylised characters have the air of the melancholic heroes and heroines from Hollywood’s Golden Age. The  two-tone blend colour technique he uses creates captivating  scenarios. His fashion illustrations with definitive sharp lines and moody shadows capture the essence of expression with an ease to open the mind to reflection. His creations are the perfect example of the beauty and wonder there is in simplicity. The power of light and colour contrast defines his art.

Richard Hamilton, uno de los más influyentes y celebrados artistas británicos e internacionales del siglo 20 es considerado el fundador y padre del “Pop Art”, con definición en 1957, estableció este movimiento internacional; en sus palabras el “Pop Art” ha de ser  “Popular, transitorio, prescindible, de bajo coste, de producido masiva, joven, ingenioso, sexy, efectista, glamoroso y un gran negocio”. Las ilustraciones de Jack Hughes son frescas, emocionantes y estimulantes. El estilo de los personajes que crea muestran un  aire melancólico parecido al de héroes y heroínas de la Época Dorada de Hollywood. La técnica de pulido en dos tonos y mezcla de color que utiliza este artista crea escenarios elegantes cautivadores. Sus ilustraciones de moda con líneas nítidas definitivas y sombras transitas capturan la esencia de la expresión con la facilidad de abrir la mente a la reflexión. Sus creaciones son el ejemplo perfecto de la belleza que hay dentro de la simplicidad.

“Master of Craft” Etienne Russo for CHANEL

Art & Culture


In this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld amazed us with his Chanel Fall/Winter 2015/15 ready-to-wear collection. Chanel turned the Grand Palais into a luxurious Shopping Center, with beautifully arranged custom branded products in an ethereal fashion. Seventy-nine models walked the runway through supermarket aisles at the fashion show; wearing trendy sneakers, shopping baskets in leather-interlaced chains and quilted  trolleys. Karl Lagerfeld  fed us with a feast of colorful desirable as much for red carpet events as for going grocery shopping.

The spectacular parade was realised by the “master of craft” Etienne Russo. The fashion show producer is namely one of “The 50 most Influential Creative Forces Working in Fashion Today”. The Italian-Belgium “Best Showman” has created over 700 awe-inspiring shows. From lighting, colours, set design to how the models walk and what music plays, Russo oversees every single detail to create an extraordinary scenography.  The Villa Eugénie team advises major fashion houses on store concepts, lighting and branding.

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Este año, en París Fashion Week  Karl Lagerfeld  nos asombro con su colección  prêt-à-porter de Otoño / Invierno 2014/15. Chanel transformo el Grand Palais en un Centro Comercial de lujo, con productos de marca personalizada bellamente expuestos de manera etérea. Setenta y nueve modelos caminaron por la pasarela a través de los pasillos del supermercado en el desfile; llevaban zapatillas de deporte, cestas con cadenas de cuero entrelazados y carros de la compra acolchados. Karl Lagerfeld nos ofrece un festejo de color, deseable tanto para eventos de alfombra roja como para ir de compras.

El espectáculo  fue realizado por el “Maestro del Arte Escenográfico” Etienne Russo. El productor ha sido nombrado “Una de las 50  fuerzas creativas mas influyentes en el mundo de la moda hoy”. El aclamado italiano-Belga  “Best Showman” ha creado más de 700 espectáculos cautivadores. Desde la iluminación, los colores, la escenografía hasta la forma en que caminan las modelos y la música que suena, Russo supervisa cada detalle para crear eventos extraordinarios. El equipo de Villa Eugénie, presidido por Etienne Russo asesora a grandes firmas en conceptos de tienda, iluminación y branding.



Artist Dina Lynnyk

Art & Culture

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the “play-it-safe”, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. – Cecil Beaton.  Experimentation is the key component to innovation. The visual artist, Dina Lynnyk, based in Kiev, Ukranine, used different elements from designer collections to created this inspiring graphic collages. Dina finds hidden beauty in the expression of complex moods with her fashionable and striking portraits. In her vimeo teaser videos we further appreciate her polifacetic  artistic range.


What’s your inspiration?

  Dina Lynnyk

Old movies of Kronenberg, Bergman, Lynch and many other cool artists of cinematography serve as a great source of inspiration for me. When I’ve found out that daughter of Kronenberg made a shooting with model Lili Mcmenamy wearing one of my dresses from SS14 collection of It’s me brand for Vogue Ukraine I had this amazing feeling of happiness like I’m a kid again!

Dina Lynny14

What do you want to express with your art?

Sometimes I feel like making my collages is a chance to have a conversation with myself. I’m looking for a beauty in ugly things, I’m trying to solve my physiological problems creating art pieces. It’s just happy and funny coincidence that people enjoy observing my psychotherapy process.

Dina Lynny13

What’s your favourite art piece and why?

It’s hard to pick just one piece. I really love a collection devoted to Raf Simons. While creating it I was thinking about Raf Simons, his aesthetics, his attitude to the world. I’d really like him to see them and make a nice notice or give an evaluation – that would give me a bunch of energy!

Dina Lynny12

What is your biggest ambition?

I want to be appreciated by honored and valuable for me personally character from the art and fashion world.

Dina Lynny11

How did the portrait collages idea came about?

Oh, it was absolutely spontaneous! I was playing with pictures in photoshop and I decided to recreate their owners identity by replacing parts of faces from other people.


“Sea atrevida, diferente, poco práctica, ser cualquier cosa que afirme la integridad de propósito y la visión imaginativa contra los ‘voy a lo seguro’, las criaturas de los lugares comunes, los esclavos de lo ordinario”. – Cecil Beaton. La experimentación es el componente clave de la innovación. La  artista visual Dina Lynnyk, de Kiev, Ucrania utiliza diferentes elementos de las colecciones de moda para crear estos inspiradores collages gráficos. Dina encuentra la belleza escondida en la expresión de complejos estados de ánimo en sus retratos. En sus videos de vimeo apreciamos aún más su amplia y polifacética gama artística.


¿Cuál es tu inspiración?
Dina Lynny10
Las películas antiguas de Kronenberg , Bergman , Lynch y muchos otros artistas  de la cinematografía me sirven de gran inspiración . Cuando me he entere de que cuenta de que la hija de Kronenberg hizo un rodaje  con la modelo Lili McMenam y llevaba uno de mis vestidos de la colección SS14 de la marca ” Soy Yo”  para Vogue Ucrania tuve una increíble sensación de felicidad como si yo fuera una niña otra vez !
¿Qué es lo que quieres expresar con tu arte?
Dina Lynny9
A veces me siento como hacer mis collages es la oportunidad de tener una conversación conmigo mismo. Estoy buscando la belleza en cosas feas , estoy tratando de solucionar mis problemas fisiológicos creando estas obras de arte. Es una feliz coincidencia feliz  y muy divertido que la gente disfrute observando mi proceso  psicoterapia.
¿Cuál es su obra de arte favorita y por qué ?
Dina Lynny8
Es difícil elegir una sola pieza. Me encanta una colección dedicada a Raf Simons . Cuando la cree  estaba pensando en Raf Simons , su estética , su actitud hacia el mundo. Realmente me gustaría que la viera  y que hiciera algún comentario o me diese una evaluación – me proporcionaría un montón de energía!
¿Cuál es tu mayor ambición?
Dina Lynny7
Quiero ser apreciada,  y valiosa para mí personalmente y como un personaje del mundo del arte y la moda.
¿Cómo surgió la idea collages retrato?
Dina Lynny6
Oh , fue absolutamente espontáneo ! Estaba jugando con fotos en photoshop y me decidí a volver a crear la identidad de los  propietarios reemplazando partes de sus caras.