HEKATE Casting Calls

1/ 8 / 2015             ‘Montana Mischief’ Casting Call 

Status Open

15/1/2015                What is?   Short film  Casting call

Status Ended

If you have been selected to audition of the Casting Call please follow this Link and insert your password.


This casting call has ended,


Monica, 20- 25

Danny 25- 30

Simon 25- 30



She is beautiful, strong and confident. She is in a time of her life of an edgy quality. A crucial time when she must learn to make the right decisions for her own happiness, leaving her past behind and becoming detached from  fears and bad experiences.


He is smart, confident, handsome and full of energy and charisma. Yet there is a dark side to him, which he is conscious of and tries to hind as much as possible. Danny is fearful, especially of the uncertainty of the future, he has a deep fear towards what life might bring, and his fear is unjustified yet it leaves fully in him.


Simon is a romantic, a poet, bohemian soul, in love with love and life, adventurous. He is passionate. Adored by women.  He has a secret relationship with a girl he likes very much. His dark side involves a lost sense of belonging. He feels as one living in the shadows. He has a tendency to commit crimes such as small robberies and assaulting women he knows, in dark allies.


The Following Casting Calls have ended:

“She MOon”   Experimental Short Film.


  • Acting / Dance  Roles

5 female actors  ages  11 – 16

5 female dancers  ages  5- 11.

  • Music Roles

3 African percussions,  drums.

  • Artists

Choreographer , expert with children.

Composer,  pianist 

For more details click below…


Montana Mischief.


  • Janelle Montana, playing age 15
  • Timothy, playing age 15-17
  • Alex, playing 14- 17
  • Tina, playing age 13- 16
  • Clarisse, playing age  11- 13
  • Zack , playing age 13- 16
  • Jerome, playing age 11 – 16
  • Junior, playing age 11-16
  • Roberto Montana,  playing age  35 -55
  • Iris Montana,  playing age 25 – 35
  • Yolanda Montana,  playing age 25 – 35
  • Charlie, playing age 25- 35
  • Duke, playing age 35 – 50
  • Arthur, playing age 35 – 50
  • MacMacy, playing age 35 – 50
  • Top Guy, playing age 25 – 50
For more details click below…


35 thoughts on “HEKATE Casting Calls

  1. Hi, I am 14 years old and I love fantasy and dreamlike images. I have just joined tumblr as I love films and photography and you can let your imagination run wild. I am very versatile and can look older, younger, ethereal, romantic, you name it I will try to create the mood. I have done quite a bit of varied acting, paid and unpaid and I am very determined to succeed.
    I have just been cast for 3 different modelling jobs and I am looking forward to those. Please look at my starnow site Melissa Sanger you will see lots of photos of me there and I can send you any photos by email, reels, audio etc. I would love to be in your film as your creativity excites me.


  2. Hello,
    I have just read your advertisement an would love to get involved. I am very adaptable and available to work on your request! If you could look through my profile and let me know what you think that would be great thanks for your time.

    Regards, Queen Allen.


  3. Hi,
    Im Laura and love performing, acting, dancing and singing. Wish to gain experience in acting. Just been cast for a modelling assignment for Top Shop and auditioning for Hairspray and a talent competion next week. I have been in Annie and Bugsy Malone off west end production. I passed my performin arts GCSE early and currently studying my A Level also GCSE in dance. Im 15. I have the ambition and drive to succeed and reach my goals.


  4. I would like to be part of the short film as the idea intrigues me. I am a committed actress and always follow direction. I do have previous dance experiance.


  5. Hello Sylvia, I’m well impressed by your web, ideas and activities in general!! I hope I’ll have the chance to know you personally and work with you!!

    All the best,

    P.S. have a look at my band website if you can;)!


  6. I’d like to be part of either of your short films. I find your idea intriguing. I am very versatile and take direction very well. I do alot of acting and I am very commited to it. I attend drama school also.


  7. hi , my daughter faith wilson saw your post on starnow for she moon and i think this would suit her perfectly , she has lots of dance and acting experience despite being only 8 years old , she is a little shy at first but confident and takes direction very well plus has no issues with being in front of camera . faith works well with others and fits in to group scenes very nicely , i am sure she would love to be a part of this short experimental.
    steve wilson.


  8. I love acting to and audience and a camera. In my last work, I was admired for my consentration and endurance. I look mature and am tall for my age. I though I would be able to contribute to the film by acting as a friend of Montana.


  9. To Sylvia,

    I truly believe that I have all the attributes you are looking for. I am very well spoken, educated and confident.

    I enjoy every aspect of acting and I would be very grateful for the opportunities you can offer me.

    When I am in front of the camera, I am 100% focused, determined and easily adaptable to provide you with the right attributes for any specific job.

    Travel is not an issue for me, and I am happy to be considered for filming within the UK and abroad

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jamie Bourne


  10. The reason I’d like to play one of the roles is because I’m trying to get involved with new things such as Acting and Modeling. To be able to participate in something like this would be an wonderful experience. Acting is something I’d love to do as a career as I know I’d be fully committed to it. To be able to have this opportunity would be amazing! I am very confident infront of the camera, I enjoy meeting new people, easy to work with and very reliable.
    Take a look at my StarNow ‘Sophie Crabb’ to see photo’s of me etc.



  11. Hello, my name is Emily James. I am 15 years old, and I’ve seen your advertisement for ‘She Moon’, and would love to get involved. I love everything about acting, and cannot wait to start getting involved in it. I am very outgoing, and I love meeting new people. I have taken on small parts in previous plays open to the public, and am also attending a couple of acting and theatre workshops in the coming weeks. Acting is something which I would love to pursue as a career, as I know I am fully capable of taking constructive criticism, adapting to new roles, etc.
    Please contact me on my e-mail address, as I have not completed a website or a profile for myself yet. Thank you!


  12. Hi there,

    I would love to get involved in this project. I play a variety of percussion but particularly enjoy the spirit and rhythm of African drumming. My experience includes live work with singer/songwriters and bands playing pop, folk, soul, r’n’b and hip hop across the UK. I’ve done studio sessions, festivals, functions and musical theatre. Most recently I performed in Bollywood Cinderella that featured on BBC 1 and in The Independent. I’m adaptable, reliable and easy going.




  13. Hi Sylvia! Olivia is 12 and she goes to Montview academy where she does drama and street dance. She loves acting/dancing and would love to be in your film. She has some experience with photo shot and extra in films. She just adores the whole film industry! She is very well behaved and concentrates a lot when it comes to perform! It would be wonderful if you could fit her in your project!
    Kind Regards.


  14. I am a very ambitious and hardworking individual that gives 100% time, energy and focus in whatever project I am enthralled in. This sounds like an exciting project that I would love to be involved in. I am dedicated and believe that I can execute your requirements for Iris Montana. I would love the opportunity to embark on this adventure.


  15. Hi, I’m Sophie, I’m 21 and live in London. I would love the opportunity to work with you and your company and feel I have to offer what you are looking for. I am in my final year at a professional performing arts college, training in dance, singing and drama. I am a focused, determined and hard working individual. I love experience new things, meeting new people and working in different ways to those that I am used to. I have been told from previous jobs that I am a pleasure to work with, listen and take direction very well. I feel that I would suit the roles of either Iris or Yolanda. Thank you


  16. Hi, I am applying for the role of Tina, I’m thirteen years old and I would’ve loved to play janelle but unfortunately I am not mixed race so I’ll try to get the role of Tina, I have a real passion for singing, dancing and acting and want to model too, I have performed on stage at theatres and school plays and can adapt to new roles whether the character be older or younger than I am. I am impressed by your website and I would love to work with you. I also attend Italia Conti School for Performing arts which was the school that School for Stars was about. Please take a look at my StarNow profile, I’ve included the link and I hope to hear from you soon.


  17. Hello!

    My name is Elisha-Rose Rowley and I’m sixteen years old. I am a hopeful performing, I act,sing and dance and generally love the experience I get out of it. I’ve recently started modelling as well! I generally enjoy what I do and want to make a career out of it. My dream is to become successful and maybe well known but also doing something I love at the same time. This would be a great addition to my journey into show buisness and the world of perfroming and acting and a great experience in which I would carry throughout my life. I also attend The George Eliot School and am in my last year, I study Dance and GCSE music so I am dedicated and commited too. I also have landed a place at North Warwickshire and Hinckley college (Hinckley based) doing a Level 3 diploma in Musical theatre/performing arts. I am very dedicated in what I do as you find me rehearsals from 7pm-10pm on my Friday evenings and rehearsing on Saturdays at my school.
    I am up for anything and up for learning all the ropes in this big world.

    The Montana Mischief. Short Film. Casting Call sounds fantastic and I’d love to be a part of it. Hope you consider me!

    Elisha-Rose Rowley


  18. I would really love to be a part of this film it sounds great. I love to act and am looking to gain as much experience as possible, as i would love to act as a career.
    I am hard working and have had expirience in front of a camera.


  19. hello, I am Kellie age 13 years old female and am very interested. Im white, long dark brown hair, 5’7″ and quite a slim frame. I am good in front of camera and have been acting since the age of 5, i also sing and dance. Please let me know 🙂


  20. Hello I am very interested in being considered for a part in “Montana Mischief” my profile details can be found on Starnow. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you


  21. Hi,

    My name is Leila Reid I am a actress located in London although I have travelled all over the UK for acting jobs. I would like to be considered for a part in ‘Montana Mischief’, I told myself when I was 11 when everyone in my class I was deciding what career they wanted that I would do what I was best at and that is acting.

    Since I started acting professionally I have played a wide variety of parts from the streetwise and the sassy to the naive and the innocent and everything in between.

    I am very hard working and my motto is ‘Never do anything half heartedly’ meaning I give 100% to everything I do. It is a little cheesy I know but it serves me well, anyway I look forward to hearing from you.

    I do love your website! 😀



  22. Hello, I’ve Just read the casting call for ‘Montana Mischief’ and I would love to get involved! Im 19 years old but I have a playing age from 14 years old – but with the maturity and experience of someone my own age – so I can deal with the demands of the working day. I’m passionate about making great theater and film pieces – which is why I’m interested in becoming part of the cast! The storyline sounds beautiful – something I’d love to be a part of.
    Thanks for your time, I hope to be in contact with you soon!
    Stephanie Manton


  23. Oops…I just realised I should have posted the previous comment in here!

    Hi Sylvia,

    Wow, what a creative website! I am really interested in the role of McMcy…I have always wanted to play the gangster boss! I have 12 years experience in the film making industry, and have acted in short films and feature films before. I do hope you will consider me for the role.

    I have sent you a message on starnow as well, if you would like to get in touch, please email me or call me – I’d be happy to arrange to meet up.

    Best of luck with your production!



  24. As you scroll down theses messages quickly you get the feeling that you are falling – like Alice, falling down the rabbit hole !!
    What a awesome project you are casting with gusty characters and a great storyline. I’ve just finished filming a TV series in NZ and would have loved to be considered for a role but unfortunately I’m not back in the UK until end June.
    Happy casting and I’m positive it will be a huge success.
    For any other future projects you may be casting for I would love to be considered.



  25. hi my son scott crombie would love to be in your film he is verry confident hes been on citv speaking part and a extra in the film spike ireland what they have just filmed he is 10 years old he always gives 100% at everything he does you can see his pictures on his profile on star now you wont be disapointed he is a lovelly boy and would love to be on your film thanks michelle scott crombies mum


  26. Hi I’m Jordan Ebora I would love to be in your film because I feel I’m strong and confident enough to play the role of Janelle Montana, I give 100% in everything I do and would love an opportunity to be in your film. I am never shy on camera and I am a very fun person to be around,you can check out my profile on Star Now I promise you will not be disappointed
    Hoping for a positive outcome Jordan Ebora


  27. Hi
    How could anyone not want to be involved in your film, great idea, big cast,great story line
    and just the feel you get from your website its a friendly working environment which I think gets the best out of people. I have lots of experience acting with with teenage kids and having teenagers myself, I would hope to bring something creative to your film in any role you may consider me for.
    Many Thanks
    Jack Smith


  28. Hi there,

    My name’s Tina, I’m a professional actress. First of all I have to say how beautiful your website is. Very striking.

    I’d really like you to consider me for the role of Iris Montana. I’ve worked in Film, Theatre and some TV. I have a real passion for fantasy and drama and think this will be a very exciting and creative project to work on.



  29. Hi, I am really interested in being part of this film. The inspiration of Joan of arc is so powerful. It must be amazing to be so sure of something, to have that kind of strength.
    Good luck, I hope it realises your vision!


  30. Hi
    Please could you send me some details of how to apply for your castings.
    I’m Heidi, 10 years old, i attend Dance classes and Stage school.
    I am very focussed and driven, but most of all i enjoy performing.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


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  32. Hey Sylvia,
    I’m kind of new to this whole casting thing and I don’t know wether I’m what you’re looking for. I only really have acting experience from performing in main roles in school productions, and being an extra in my uncles film ‘The Hatching’ last year. I am not going to tell you about how good I am at acting, as to be honest, I can’t tell. But if you’re looking for someone to bring little experience and a lot of passion then email me.

    Jutalla, 15, mixed race.


  33. Hi!

    My name is Ffion, I am a 16 year old girl who could be made to look older or younger! I am hugely interested in the role of janelle Montana! I am based in South Wales but am willing to travel to the location of the auditions and shooting! I’m very focused towards achieving the dream of acting professionally,this is where I hope you can help me to take this dream and make it my reality!I take directions very well and want to help you create your vision of the role,I am doing a college course in performing arts,I have been an extra in another short film,and done various plays of which I have been a lead in.

    I hope to hear from you soon!



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