Darkness V Light (METHOD)

METHOD Anatomy of the Creation Process Darkness v Light The main theme symbolised with the white lily explores the duality of opposites and the need of the existence of the parallels as one; darkness and light, death and rebirth, purity and sensuality.  Susie’s Poem at the end of the film exposes the paradox and the moral of the story... Continue Reading →

ShE MooN, Love Spell, Experimental based on the Novel by Sylvia Love Johnson

 Download "The She Moon Song"  Follow @SylviaLoveJ An Experimental Short Film by Sylvia Johnson based on an extract form the Novel   Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream by Sylvia Johnson.ShE MoOn, Love Spell     I heard her whispering my name. Her laughter echoed in the dark; she woke me up.  That night Selene returned. I woke up... Continue Reading →

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