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We have taken our short film project METHOD to the next level! We are exploring our characters’ complexities by translating their story to a comic strip and Graphic Novel Series, compiled of 8 Volumes each. Eva is highly emotional.  A deeply hidden secret dictates her actions and shapes her personality day by day. An element of darkness in between a mixture of joy and sadness  dreams and reality reveals a shocking parallel side in her current life in Vol. I. Download METHOD VOL.I Comic Strip and “Eva’s Secret” short story. 


Method Comic Strip Vol. I         Method Vol.1 Title


The duo Julia Galdo, and Gody Cloud, created the creative brand JUCO after meeting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. Their collaboration started as University assignments while completing their studies. After graduating they continued working together and since they have shot for Apple, Marie Clair, Nike, K Swiss and the New Yorker. They employ an exquisite aesthetic, impeccable composition, youthful and bright, their experimental images highly stylised show a fresh approach colour and beauty. Nearing the surreal yet maintaining unique realism, they take their inspiration from film, music and people. They invite us to a feast in their playful vision of the world.


Dos Creativos Una Visón

El Julia Galdo (1984) y Gody Nube (1977) , crean la marca creativa JUCO tras conocerse en el San Francisco Art Institute en 2002. Su colaboración comenzó de compañeros de la universidad trabajando en proyectos mientras que terminaban sus estudios. Después de graduarse continuaron trabajando juntos y desde entonces ya han tomado fotos para Apple, Marie Clair, Nike, K-Swiss y The New Yorker. Emplean una estética exquisita, una composición impecable, fresca y brillante, sus imágenes experimentales con estilo único resaltan simple belleza y pura armonía en su entorno allí donde la encuentran. Se acercan a lo surrealista pero mantienen un realismo palpable y poderoso, ofreciendo una perspectiva diferente y mágica. Los artistas se inspiran en el cine, la música y la gente que les rodea. Con sus imágenes nos invitan al festejo de su visión lúdica del mundo.



Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album

Royal Academy of Arts, London,  26th June- 19th October 2014

Film Legend Dennis Hopper, who memorably played a demented Vietnam War photojournalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979) . The Naturally gifted photographer, was encouraged to take his photography seriously by James Dean when they worked together in Rebel without a Cause, 1955. Hopper became synonymous with the rebellious spirit of the 1960’s counterculture with his 1969 Easy Rider.

His turbulent life style led him to being blacklisted by Hollywood during the early 60s, it was then that photography became his main creative outlet, he worked at it obsessively, shooting around 18,000 photographs over 6 years.

From Hell’s Angels to the hippies to the Streets of Harlem, he records American culture of the 60s

His photography includes spontaneous and poetic portraits of many cultural creative figures of the time, including Paul Newman, David Hockney, Andy Warhol and Jane Fonda. Playful shots of family and friends contrasted by images of the tensions and darker flashpoints of this decade of upheaval and confrontation including the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery at the heigh of the Civil Rights Movement when Hopper and his camera accompanied Martin Luther King Jr.

Dennis Hopper

La fotografía era un talento nato en Dennis Hopper (1936-2010) el legendario actor que interpreta al inolvidable fotoperiodista demente, en la película de Francis Ford Coppola Apocalipsis Ahora (1979).

Hopper pasa a ser sinónimo del espíritu rebelde de la década de los 60, con su película Buscando mi Destino (1969). Hollywood le pone en la ‘lista negra’ debido al turbulento estilo de vida que lleva. Es entonces cuando Hopper se centra en la fotografía . Toma alrededor de 18.000 fotos en seis años. De los Ángeles del Infierno a los Hippies a las Calles de Harlem, el artista no se salta detalle para dejar grabada en imágenes la cultura americana de los 60.

Retratos espontáneos de figuras creativas de la época, tales como a Paul Newman, David Hockney, Andy Warhol y Jane Fonda. Fotos divertidas que contrastan con las imágenes de las tensiones y conflictos de la era, momentos tales como durante la marcha de Selma a Montgomery, en 1965, en pleno auge del Movimiento de Derechos Civiles, Hopper y su cámara acompañan Martin Luther King Jr.

Dennis Hopper