Hekate Film Works Short Animation Competition (Round 2)

 ROUND TWO OPEN for Registration       These are the steps to follow: 1.  Register by filling in our short contact form below. At this stage we only need your contact information and samples of your animation and art work. If  we believe that you are suitable to join our team we shall invite... Continue Reading →

METHOD: Anatomy of the Creation Process

The making of METHOD, short film in working progress. Symbolism, design, themes, music score and character study. The creation process of a story of character, portraying the necessity for constant renewal. Our characters try to reconcile the darkest side of their soul with the light that surrounds them yet some can't or won't. METHOD is... Continue Reading →

She Moon, Love Spell   Official Selection:  A FILM FOR PEACE FESTIVAL Films A FILM FOR PEACE Festival, will be published in the 2013 festival catalogue, selected films will be included in the catalogue of the Festival as well as will be submitted for evaluation to a circuit of high school and university students of Friuli-Venezia... Continue Reading →

“It only takes a man’s or a woman’s dream ….”

Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream  (Short Novel) Read preview :  BOOKS It only takes a man's or a woman's  vision to change the destiny of all people in all nations. In a journey that unites the conscious and the subconscious minds an eternal dream will be fulfilled. Extraordinary souls hold the key to the truth... Continue Reading →

Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream…

Dream I woke up from a dream in which there was only  Selene and darkness. Her hair felt like silk caressing my skin, her red cheeks, warm, illuminating, filling the emptiness within.  Her  green eyes glowing intensely,  resembling bright emerald stars in the night. She blended in the shallowness of my dwelling place,  where I... Continue Reading →

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