METHOD the Graphic Novel & Comic Strip

Press Release HEKATE Film Works Contact Details: Ms Sally- Anne Long. Head of Marketing and Communications mobile: 07447617591 Join us in the celebration for the launch of METHOD Trans Media Project 1 Our the newly created 'METHOD The Comic Strip & the Graphic Novel' Series Reading Broad Street, Reading RG1 on 25th July  12... Continue Reading →

Darkness V Light (METHOD)

METHOD Anatomy of the Creation Process Darkness v Light The main theme symbolised with the white lily explores the duality of opposites and the need of the existence of the parallels as one; darkness and light, death and rebirth, purity and sensuality.  Susie’s Poem at the end of the film exposes the paradox and the moral of the story... Continue Reading →

METHOD: Anatomy of the Creation Process

The making of METHOD, short film in working progress. Symbolism, design, themes, music score and character study. The creation process of a story of character, portraying the necessity for constant renewal. Our characters try to reconcile the darkest side of their soul with the light that surrounds them yet some can't or won't. METHOD is... Continue Reading →

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