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METHOD A Short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson

Music Supervisor

Location Manager

The She Moon Song

Montana Mischief Feature Film

Casting call/ Auditions will be held in July 2015 Find out more about the Characters we are casting and register in the auditions here (HEKATE Film Works Site Members only)

Mystic Dream by Sylvia Love Johnson

“Mystic Dream”

second Edition Novel Preview

We are preparing to enter pre-production for the Mystic Dream the feature film project in 2016. The second edition of the Novel by S.L. Johnson will be launched towards the end of this year. The Book Cover Casting Call closes March 30th The selected models will be notified in May for a trial photo shoot.

Here is some of the thoughts you left about the mystical character Selene in the “Mystic Dream”, second edition Preview

“She follows her dreams for the benefit of others” Mary Schleich

“She is a mystery and I’d like to portray that” Kathy Cakebread

“She sounds vulnerable and unique I have blue eyes that if captured right can portray everything Selene is” Louise Browne

“She sounds like a resonant and complex character; I would love the opportunity to convey her mystery, intrigue and power…” Claire Reilly

“She sounds very mystical and seductive, and her name is perfect for that character”. Anta Wilkins


 Download TRUE LOVE The She Moon Song   for only £1.25



By downloading this beautiful and enchanting song you are supporting the British Independent Film Industry.

DOWNLOAD The Love Spell Poem FREE

The She Moon Song, Original music from the Short Film “She Moon Experimental”

Music by Tim Bond, Lyrics by Sylvia Love Johnson, Singers: Rebecca Lacey, Athena LeFay, Isabella Speight, Masha Warning and Sylvia Love J.

“Very profound. Chant of spiritual unknown awaken.

Beautifully made. Although Pageant, like worship.” Martin S.

Special “MEMBERS ONLY” Screening of

Forgotten Paradise

Short film

on 6th of May .We will email our site members information about this special screening.



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She Moon Love Spell

The Story behind She Moon, Love Spell

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She Moon, Love Spell by Sylvia Love Johnson
She Moon Love Spell

Ten years ago, while going jogging by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Sylvia  had a vision. It was the vision of a movement, through this movement humanity would change the course of its destiny for ever: planet Earth would become, what once was: paradise. This movement, being of a supernatural kind, started with the calling or awakening of millions of chosen souls, women and young girls. The chosen ones would fall sleep to allowed their spirits to travel to a magic realm. From this realm the souls of millions would be forever touched,  by whispering pure and simple love into the hearts of all humans, with The Love Spell. This would happen during an eternal night followed by a new day where there would only be  sheer and true love towards our planet and towards each other. She Moon, Love Spell is a melodic representation of this vision, merely the gist of it.  She Moon, is intended to be an extract extension of a day in Sirima’s life. Sirima is one of the main characters in the novel by Sylvia Love Johnson, “Selene Hekate, Mystic Dream”. This short film attempts to give a glimpse into the story and its message. Upon arrival back home after jogging, Sylvia made of the  vision a rough draft for a screenplay.  The completed screenplay/treatment for a feature film will still take several years to emerge. Before that, the vision would become a Short Story, “The Awakening of the Chosen Ones” 2005. Shortly after Sylvia would write a children’s theatre play, “Mi Amiga Selene” based on the same vision.  In 2011 it became a Novel “Selene Hekate. A Mystic Dream” and  then Sylvia started working in a feature film treatment for the story.  In 14th February  2013 Sylvia Johnson completed the post-production period of the the Short Film  “She Moon, Love Spell” produced in UK. This journey was accompanied by casting call for a feature film that attracted hundreds of professionals actor’s and actresses in Spain during the Selene Hekate Casting Call. She Moon, Love Spell, was conceived as an Avant-Garde project due to a course module while completing an MA in Filmmaking.  Sylvia went into production  purposefully without a script, the challenge was to make an experimental short film;  she had an idea, a few frames in mind, the lyrics of the She Moon Song and a message to transmit.  Talented composer, Tim Bond became part of the creative team during the She Moon, Love Spell production. The characters in the story; Sirima, Luna, Tamara, Selene and Dama are portrayed by the young talents Ellie Bindman, Isabella SpeightMasha Warning, Charlotte Toubloulic and Melissa Sanger and the dancer Sammi Foster incarnating a younger Selene. While the leading voices are from singers Rebecca Lacey and Athena LeFay.

The second edition of the Novel that inspired this short film “Selene Hekate. Mystic Dream” is due to be published and launched worldwide by the end of 2013. While the feature film, shall be filmed mainly in Spain and is still in pre-production stages and fundraising.

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