Hekate Film Works Short Animation Competition (Round 2)

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 ROUND TWO OPEN for Registration




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Hekate Films Competition


These are the steps to follow:

1.  Register by filling in our short contact form below. At this stage we only need your contact information and samples of your animation and art work. If  we believe that you are suitable to join our team we shall invite you to participate in the competition.

2.  If you are selected we shall contact you with more details about the competition. Note that everyone is welcome to register to be considered, but the competition is by invitation only. Please make sure you read the our Guidelines/Terms and Conditions and  our Authorisation/Agreement/Waiver before you submit your work. The Authorisation must be signed and sent back to us before submitting your work.

3. You will receive the short animation project designed for this competition. It is a short sequence lasting 20-30 seconds.

4. The winner will  get an internship  with Hekate film Works, as well as the promotion and exposure of their work. All finalist will receive exposure and promotion.

Registration Form 

Read our  Guidelines 

Download our   Authorisation/Agreement/Waiver

for  more information email contact@hekatefilmworks.com

   HEKATE Film Works Short Animation Competition round 1  Winner








I am a BA Animation graduate from Middlesex University of year 2014. I identify myself as a 2d Animator and I aspire to be one of the best 2D Animator but I do enjoy other styles of animations. I mostly work on TVPaint and After Effects though I am fluent on Flash, CorelPainter and Photoshop and few other softwares. Few of my inspiring animation artists/directors are Hayao Miyazaki and Aleksandr Petrov.

I mostly enjoy making hand drawn 2D digital animations. My drive in producing animations depend on the nature of the story and its messages. I prefer to make animations that involve deep meanings that resonate with the society/individuals.

HekateFilmWorksTnoOpaHEKATE Film Works Short Animation Competition round 1 Finalist 

        ADAM WEBB







I graduated from the University of Creative Arts and completed a BA Honours Computer Graphics and Animation Course with a degree grade of 2:2. I became very passionate towards the area of character design and animation which is reflected in the projects completed for the university and personal work I have produced during my spare time and for competitions. One particular project I was proud of was a transcription of the character Jack Frost, which was originally a university project that didn’t receive high praise but I took the original work and pushed it further in my spare time to create something different and unique, I was particularly impressed with the result as were my tutors and friends as it showed that I fully understood how to re-invent a well known character to suit the genre of a RPG game. I have completed work experience with a visual effects firm called Butch Auntie to create small visual pieces that are later projected at live shows and events,  I can work as part of a team and that I can be very proactive when working on the company’s projects at home by myself. I am particularly interested in film and video games so I hope to end up in one of these fields. I enjoy being involved in the development process of a project taking the idea from concept to production and not afraid to try new challenges in order to grow and improve my understanding of animation and skill set.