Indie Film Distribution Tips and Facts

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Indie Film Distribution

Core Audience/Target audience It is vital that you know inside out who would like to watch your film, who would love watch your film? And how you would you reach out to them? List 5 groups. Invent creative ways of attracting your core audience to the product you know they are going to love. Your film is unique, or at least it has one or more elements of uniqueness to it. Use these elements to connect with your audience. HECATE bases Customized Distribution Strategies on Target Audience and Core Audience Analysis.

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Where is your target audience located?
  3. What are their interests?
  4. What would you like them to think about your film?
  5. How will you attract them to your film?
  6. What other films similar to yours are they watching?
  7. Are you targeting individuals, groups or communities?
  8. What’s their age?
  9. What’s their gender?
  10. What’s their income level?
  11. Where do they go to find the products they like, use, want?
  12. What is their family situation? Married? Children?
  13. Will they want to spare the money to obtain your product? Why?
  14. What about your product is most appealing to your audience?
  15. What do they dislike and like in general?
  16. Are they regular followers or will this be a one off sale?
  17. Are you looking to attract new fans or just maintaining your existing fans?

Answer these questions specifically and broadly. If you don’t have all the answers do your research. Have this analysis done for each of your films. It is key to determine if you are going to offer products that attract the general public and different audiences depending on your project, or if you are a brand leader with a defined style who maintains a core specific audience.

Digital Rights can be complicated when handling because they often overlap. For instance the digital rights home video distributors want may conflict with the digital rights required in the TV deal which may conflict with the rights needed by Netflix or similar platforms. More companies make money from digital downloads. The notable exception is. Filmmakers must carefully structure deals, which include digital rights making sure they are complementary.

The Value of TRUE FANS: Filmmakers connect with viewers online and at screenings, you build direct relationships with your fans and thus creating core personal audiences for your films. Filmmakers with a website can turn visitors into subscribers, subscribers into purchasers, and purchasers into true fans who can contribute to new productions. Your fans learn that by purchasing your DVD they help you advance in your career and make more movies.

Indie Film Distribution