Eco Fashion 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts and Hoodies, Win Yours

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In my effort and commitment to “Switching to Eco” I have created a 100% Organic Cotton and 100% Environmentally Friendly Clothing line which I’m loving! Are you loving it too?

Active/Sports wear for kids, men and women! Join me and 1000s of Eco Conscious fellow citizens of the planet and switch to Eco 

Take a sneak peak into   Art'sMagiclabeland

LoveSpelllabel4 We have a selection  of the garments we want to give away to 50 lucky winners. Pick your favourite for a chance to win your chosen garment.

Art's Magic Cool Kid

Art’s Magic Cool Kid

Art's Magic Women

Art’s Magic Women

Art's Magic Logo

Art’s Magic Logo

Art's Magic Men

Art’s Magic Men

LoveSpellV Sports

LoveSpellV Sports

LoveSpellV Sports

LoveSpellV Sports

According to Earth Pledge, a non-profit Organization (NPO) committed to promoting and supporting sustainable development, “at least 8,000 chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles and 25% of the world’s pesticides are used to grow non-organic cotton. This causes irreversible damage to people and the environment, and still two thirds of a garment’s carbon footprint will occur after it is purchased.” read more…

 Art’sMagic colourful garments are coloured using natural or vegetable-based dyes and bear the label  indicating the product is certified organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Read more about natural fabrics here…

Art’s Magic and Love Spell is our Green Fashion Venture. We have created amazing artistic fashion designs, gathered the manufacturing partners; organic fabric farmers, natural based dyes specialists and crafted cut and trim tailors. We have researched the best screen printing technologies and now we are in the process  of   read more 

With the eco-fashion industry still in its infancy, the main responsibility at the moment lies with clothes manufacturers and fashion designers, who need to start using sustainable materials and processes  read more 

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