METHOD: Anatomy of the Creation Process


The making of METHOD, short film in working progress.

Symbolism, design, themes, music score and character study.
The creation process of a story of character, portraying the necessity for constant renewal.
Our characters try to reconcile the darkest side of their soul with the light that surrounds them yet some can’t or won’t. METHOD is employed to reveal the truth.


6 thoughts on “METHOD: Anatomy of the Creation Process

  1. Hi,

    I hope this is the right place to respond to your ad on ProductionBase looking for a DOP to work with on finishing METHOD. My reel is at, but my site is undergoing maintenance so if you can’t access it there, please go to my temporary backup site at where you’ll find my showreel, selected works, CV and filmography.

    I am a visual storyteller and it is hard for me to comment on this work without knowing anything about your intentions. I don’t know what aspect of your film you’d like me to comment on and I don’t know how much is there still to be done on this project. You are using predominantly close-ups and lots of handheld camerawork, that with the sometimes hectic and at other times very slow editing prevents the kind of stylistic unity that I personally am looking for. In any event, if you feel like having a look at my works and then perhaps discussing your ideas with me, please feel free contact me.


    György László


  2. Hi Sylvia

    I’ve just seen your posting on the Production Base for a DOP. I’ve been a DOP for over 30 years and worked in all areas of film making.

    I am a little unclear as to whether you have already shot your film and you are looking for pickups only or its still yet to be shot.

    I’ve watched your You Tube on the making of the Method and its seems to be coverage of the actors introducing themselves and their thoughts on how their parts should be portrayed.

    If you are based in the Reading area I am only 30 minutes away from you and would be happy to drop in and see you and chat over your ideas, its the best way to see if we are on the same wavelength.




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